Everyone knows that driver. They are the one who will get 2 feet away from your bumper and just not care. What can you do about it? Tap on your brakes? Well, aside from being dangerous, its also illegal. So I came up with a better solution to the problem and an easier way to get your message across. Soak them.


Lets get one thing out of the way: yes, I am very well aware that my car is disgustingly filthy. There. Now... about the setup. This really is one of the simpler setups. All it consists of is a windshield wiper water pump, some tubing, a 2-liter soda bottle, and a garden sprinkler sprayer.

The wiper pump is wired into an extension cord that goes up to the front of the car where I can plug it into the 12-volt cigarette lighter port in my dash, giving instant use whenever I need to use it. The pump has one inlet and one outlet. A hose comes from the 2-liter bottle in the rear of the car, to the pump, then out to the sprayer on the outside of it car.

The nozel on the outside is pointed straight up, since I knew that it would be getting its use while driving. When going fast enough, the wind will blow any and all water directly behind me and onto whoever is deciding to follow me. I thought it would be great to put some kind of paint thinner in the system, so the other driver would get a more permanent message, but my better judgement told me not to. Oh well, water works too.



An old biker got me to switch from bb's to ding-dongs. a bb causes damage and can break a window, but a dingdong is more insidous -- you toss the ding dong (unwraped) into the tailgating car's window; the driver then uses his windshield wiper -- which just smears that greasy goo all over, windshield washer fluid is less effective on grease like this. I stopped using bb's (but I never did use a ding-dong)
an old biker's aid; flip a cheap wrench out of your window...
When people tailgate me, I take my foot off the gas. I slow down more and more then speed up a little to put room between us. If they come too close again, I repeat until they get the message or go around me.
Your not allowed in the left hand lane then
Attaway! Next, figure out a way to make my idea happen--a parabolic reflector to shoot their hi-beams right back at them! Shining a bright light backward could lead to problems, but reflecting their own, intentional, blinding light backward doesn't sound like an issue to me.
Big Joe
Devised one of these in the 70's coned it ATD (Anti Tailgating Device)
Workered like a charm!
how does one "look at pixels"? pixels are too small to look at. unless they are taking the image into an image editor and blowing it up very large, and are they really doing that to take a closer look so their comments are more accurate? probably not. by the way i know he's just messing around, but at least mess around with something that makes sense.
Get the Gerbil out of the left lane, and people won't tail you.
i had a minivan with a rear windshield wiper.. the attachment broke and the rear sprayer fired Straight Back... Worked like a charm !!!
Homeless JOE
I would install a lazer that would blow up the car behind me causing a huge car pile up injuring and killing many other innocent people. A lazer would be better than mere water, cause water would only make the person behind you mad enough to really tail gate you all the way to your destination. A lazer would kill them and then they could not tail gate you...
James Smith
Keep in mind that there are other fluids besides water and paint thinner that could be used here. Yes, they would wash off, eventually.
i had this on my last car and it works wonderfully! mine was a little diff that i just tweaked one of the sprayers in the front to shoot higher, over and behind the car
Lol, I love how half the people aren't just taking it in as the water, liek omfg dirty car! As if it's been like that forever, to the person who thinks that others aren't idiots, you're wrong, seriously wrong, and photoshopped? Just because he doesn't have an SLR and takes 40gb sized photos, doesn't mean it's been edited.

Anyway, love the invention, been tailgated by road ragers since I started driving. I'd put food dye in the water so it's not just a bit of water, make them have to clean up the mess after
i love this idea, can you send me the step by step instalation instructions
@Officer friendly: I'm sorry but I have never been driving along, gotten a little bit of water dripped on my windshield (for any unknown reason), and have wanted to kill someone in front of me.

@Slim: and others who say to just move out of the left lane - where we live, theres always lots of traffic. the freeways usually don't just move freely. while we're doing 80 in the fast lane, trying to pass people in the #2 lane and move back over, people will tailgate you. We're in the fast lane, going faster than the rest of traffic, and people still feel the need to tailgate until it is safe for us to move back over. We're not idiots, we know how to drive, we don't drive slow in the wrong lane, but people are still impatient.
Simply hit the emergency flash button for one flash, check reaction.
Driving real slow does get a message across.
Do not have bumper stickers people might read, else the reader will become a bumper sticker.
Basically, there are other options.
And tapping the breaks should be legal. You should be able to break for anything, including things that are not there.
Officer friendly
better internet rage than road rage, that little illegal rig will only piss off other drivers and further exacerbate the situation pissing off the person who is already dumb enough to tailgate you. Is that what Mr. Trans Am wants to accomplish, road rage??? Like California doesn't have enough road rage without some idiot pissing off other drivers (supposedly tailgating)him, HOORAH
That guy
seriously, wtf internet rage? Way to come off like a complete douche bag. If your cop friend gave you the address and you actually did anything, not only would YOU go to prison, HE would go to prison, lose his job etc etc. Not to mention the fact that you talk Playdough on the internet, but would likely just throw a hissy fit in real life. enjoy being an internet tough guy
that's a vacuum tube, tough guy. but thanks for playing. =D
That would work well but here in San Diego, you would most likely get shot, sued, run off the road, rammed, have your license plate written down and later have the police knocking on your door, or followed home or to where ever you are going by the person you sprayed. You are most likely white trash drivinng a dirty Trans Am and are military (Marine) living near Santa Ana California. I for sure would write your license plate down have my cop friend tell me your address and pay your car and mobile home a visit while you slept, p.s, yes I will pimp your sister out while you are over seas. But all in all good idea, and btw wtf is that penis pump doing in that box in your trunk??? you small limp Sock Puppet scrub
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