I love you. I came across the Blender Defender on Lifehacker, which lead me to this. I work with Electronic Aids for Daily Living for people with disabilities, and have been looking for a simple, elegant way to control X10 devices remotely through a website. You've done it and shown me how!

Sure, this may look like just an interactive christmas tree, but I see it as a person with quadriplegia controlling his or her lights, TV, doors, windows, etc.

Haha I remember this from a couple of years ago, thanks for making my night a little brighter, God bless you
I use a Fonera 2.0n (89 euro) with a logitech webcam (25euro) and a sis-pmctl (http://sispmctl.sourceforge.net/) for 20 euro ... it's a fake tree that is used every year...
how do you embed the video streaming?
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