I got banned from the Shwippy Christmas Tree chat...
I am a monument of all your sins LOL
This thing is freaking awesome!
haha this is awsome
getting boring...
This adds new meaning to the question blinking or non-blinking lights? Very clever of you and fun for us. Thanks!
haha, i turned your tree off. XD
I bet all the kids are gonna cry if they walk pat it and it flickers like this >_>
Far too much fun... I like green...
Edddie Donnelly
I like christmas im a fool
next year you need to do the whole room. I saw this done last year with a house. It was on the news. It would be funny to do a halloween web site that you can control. I know that you can think bigger. I know that this just the start. Where's the presents. I would like to watch you cook breakfast too
Ihope that was a cat that just ran across the bottom of the Christmas tree. was this a school project
I love you Green!
Wow this is boring now.... Why isnt the chat fun?
@Daku: Because everyone fun is asleep.
I'm off to bed myself now. And on a final note...
Yuben Meatslapt
Connection closed, WTF!
lolz i sah teh kat
Jimi Hendrixxx
this is obsly an american no one would be able to waste so much lecky if they tried!
g english
This is very near voyeurism. The only difference is the people actually want us to watch them.

It's really sad how much enjoyment people get out of watching and controlling someone else's life. It's just a Christmas tree...
I'm the Alek from "Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights Setup" that is talked about above. I recently ran across this web site and I'm darn disappointed I missed it last year - this is GREAT!!!

I'll have mine up again in 2008 (already am warming up with Halloween) and the world is a better place with more crazy Christmas Displays - I look forward to checking out the Schwippy Christmas Tree in 2008 - awesome job!
Totally looking forward to seeing it in action for 200
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