muffin man won
I missed out! Teh tree is off!
WWWAAAAAA...... you turn it off!
or someone hacked it
the bastards must be stopped!
i will try to get this site un-hacked ASAP!
Bungie FTW
Site has not been hacked. The Stickam site must have logged the stream off for some reason. If anybody has any idea on what other site I can use, feel free to tell me.

I am not at home right now to fix the problem, but I am on my way back.
The cam is off, but does the tree still change colors?
yes, the tree still works even if the webcam doesn't. As long as you can see the on/off buttons, it will work.
Yuben Meatslapt
What, no video? Who broke it?
Stickam is having problems keeping us logged in. It's doing an auto logout or something every 24 hrs or so. We were at my mom's when it Mr. Schwippy is on his way back to the house right now to fix the problem. I think he is going to switch over to for hosting the cam and see if that works any better...and also we'll turn on Remote Desktop so we can fix this problem from away from home should it happen again. Stay tuned guys...we'll be back soon!
Ooh it's so purty
Siberian Cat
I shut down teh tree. i'm baaad
zomg a person. mr. schwippy???
If you can bring a chat feature with this webcam stream, then keep it. Otherwise go back to stickam
To make sure this works, hold up a sign that says "pig"
Mrs. Shibby
Mr. Shibby and I would like to thank all of you for keeping us awake last night by playing with the lights....all night long...
ooooooo dark
What does the shout level do?
absolutely nothing as far as i can tell
I miss the chat... =/
I can has recon?
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