i'm pausing the cam for a minute cuz im trying to download a vid. calm your horses
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i see you!
Awesome! I like all the lights on.

i saw something walk in front of the tree. !!!
Hmmmm....nobody up at 7:30 a.m.?
It's insane just how active this is. Did it get dugg and if so where is the link (I couldn't find it on my own).
Nope.... didnt get dug.... these are all people we know, haha
oh my gosh!!! i still can't believe this Playdough. this is sssooooooooooooo crazy... your kitty was cute!!!:] sorry i made you get up and wave, this stuff is just too wild for me!!! i feel like i should've been born a long time ago or something cuz this just fascinates me... i can't get over it...
Blackflag (Nerdhelp Admin)
Thats awsome... Has you gotten tired of having the lights blink on and off yet.. ?
Seems i'm not the only one having fun flashing them every time someone walks by.. lol

oh.. cute cats by the way..
Blackflag (Nerdhelp Admin)
Hey.. Can you guys get up and wave to me.. ?
I feel all left out..
Them maybe i'll flash the lights to say hi back..
Cool tree,
Frank from New York
My brother E-mailed me your website, I have never seen anything like this before. very nice
The camera got moved!
you sure made me dizzy a little bit ago when I loggd on...Rich was just curious to know if you moved the trash can......no fair, you moved it so I couldn't see tv a teh same time
what is that behind the tree? looks like a picture of a pyramid??
Behind the tree is a beautiful painting that Sarah loves. It depicts America's current thrashing inner-child, attempting to break free of its racial tension...

..or its just a car dump with cars stacked up.
Brimu(Nerdhelp Mod)
Your cats seem to have competitions running laps around the christmas tree until they start feeling dizzy.
=[ I never get to see the interesting things, like people and cats.
Your Real Uncle
It looks like you're not home, so I guess I'll come rob you now.
never seen something like this anybody know of any others?
love the cats btw
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