I'm looking forward to watching presents appear under the tree from day to day.
man this place is full of floodians now.
Stop blocking the tree you camwhores!
Bow chika bow wow.
why do people foolishly show off in front of web cams?
I like the fake murder idea. That would be hillarious to the people who know. But even more hillarious watching people who don't know's comments.
Hold up a sign that says "Teh Flood rules!"
Are the white ones actually multi-colored?
yay anouthing for the internet to freak out about.
what happens after christmas? i gess the trees going down but what about the cam? i shall miss the kittys *sniff*
fellow floodian
Oh yes we are taking over now!
Mrs. Schwippy (Admin)
The white ones are just white. They look multicolored because of the camera.
waste their electricity and keep them on
I could swear I see blue lights on that tree O_O
mooman (floodian)
let's take over!
Mrs. Schwippy (Admin)
I know you floodians have to have control of everything, but please don't ruin the fun for others...its rude.
yes do a fake murder. (or a real one!)
mooman (floodian)
if your wondering were the floodians are coming from
Hold up a sign that says "Teh Flood rules!"

I agree.
Die green lights, die!
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