the flood has hereby taken control of this tree.
How'd you know my name?!?!? (someone just held up a card saying 'David smells'
nice dance
hooray dancing girl.
Vader is right
Someone just did a little dance in front of the tree while talkng to s/one on a mobile
Mrs. Schwippy (Admin)
The person on the phone (David) keeps asking me to do dances.
Do my sign!! It will make me feel warm inside
Way Way too much time on your hands. Can we get more dancing? Love the idea! Start advertising on the site too!
This is our tree now! And will will control its flashing lights and laugh at kittahs!
I wish there was sound.
This is super fun! Thanks for being awesome!
You should stage a fake murder scene and really freak people out.
Teh colors
On Christmas Eve I am going to watch and see if Santa shows up.
I wonder if we can watch them have their Christmas morning! haha that would be cool.
If you could please please please make a sign that promotes Teh Flood, We will love you 4eva.
Where are the kittehs? are they nappin?
Mrs. Schwippy (Admin)
we'll probably do something on christmas eve or maybe open a couple presents christmas morning...but we'll see. i'll let you know when we make more concrete plans.

Glad you all are enjoying it!
Make me a sandwich.
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