The Bee
I see a tree, but no schwippeh kitteh.
There he is! Hello little Schwippeh Kitteh!
Red Lights
Bah! Everyone knows the pulsating red lights are infinatly better then your inferior white and green lights!
I think I officially love the Schwippys.
Hello Kitteh!
This tree needs moar lights.
This is crap there is no way this is real.
lol the cat is more fun to watch than the tree
Omg! This is for real O_o; *have seen a cat and a girl* Cute cat by the wai!! >w<
Lol, I want to know how to do this ;o.
Nooo Kitteh!
Don't go in the tree!
Cody is sure having fun jumping into the tree!
Kitty Lover
ME SAW CAT! Cat cute!!~

And merry x-mas from sweden!~
Dude at least your cat doesn't climb the tree. Mine actually got the star off the top...and tipped the whole thing over in the process...

Meddling kitties FTW!
whoah OO;; Cool!!

Where do you live? Bet people all around the world is enjoying your tree :3
And cody seem to have pretty fun? Oo
Haha ! I saw kitty !

haha you are genius.
Have a great Xmas
Merry Christmas
This is very cool. Great idea guys!
P.S.- Hi kitty!!!!
I just saw someone walk by!
hey kool
hello kitteh
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