It won't work! Can't get pic. please help, want to play with shiny lights. Us from bungie prob. killed this guys computer. LOL
Caź Jr.
Works fine!!!

ThanX, for to share your Christmas Tree with us!

Caź Jr. - Stickam
(Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
your mom
it says no video
wow... I can honestly say I've never been so ashamed and so entertained at the same time. "Lol, internet", indeed.
Nice idea! Merry Xmas from Ireland
amazing, fighting with random people for control of your xmas tree XD
lol this is fun
haha kitty just walked across the floor
I wonder if we can srew around enough to catch the house on fire....
enjoy coca cola
haha this is awesome.
enjoy coca cola
hold up a sign saying you love coca cola xD
Haha this cool, never would have thought of something like this.
Uhm is cool*
hold a paper saying hi
Master Chief lololollolol
Haha! this is so fun.
Whoever took my Corvette name is really cool... Anyways, great idea to let the internet control your Christmas tree lol.
<a href="">You are certainly getting alot of attention from the Halo community</a>
Dang. The link didn't work. So here:
Wow...this is cool!

Hold up a sign saying Halo = Awesomesauce(tm).
The Flood loves the Schwippy Christmas Tree.
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