Phillip. J. Fry
The safety dance is nowhere near as safe as they say it is...
I quote my favorite show under alias' from said show.
So Bright!
Wake Up! Listen!
Hey, Fat Dude!
She's asking for it.
No lights! Sad Christmas!
exlactly what do we do staring at this?
at the moment the only reason to watch is to see what their cat will to the ever changing tree.
did you know that you got the attention of
???? what?
I couldn't tell what that was...
well theres cat... time to leave.
I turned off the green Lights in honor of my outshining all greenness
I turned the white lights on rather than leave the room black because I'm racist like that.
WTF ?!?! Llama ?!?!?!
Please write GreenBandon for the camera. I needs a scrn shot
People are asking me if this is really live... please write on a sheet of paper or something saying "Arret, it is true"
Thanks a lot guys. Great idea, btw!
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