Good job! It looks great now. I can see the lights go on and off almost immediately
Not only could I see the tree... I got to see the black cat and the black and white one in front of the camera!

Pretty cool. But isn't it annoying for you guys to have your lights go on and off at anyones whim?
of course not! haha... it basically an always-changing christmas tree

i just let the internet do the work for me
awesome Brian!!!
sickest thing everrrr
Lazy butts.
This is pretty freakin' awesome.
I tried to shut it off to save you a kilowatt, but some jerk kept turning it back on. And then askmeques visited.
keep your clothes on
get rid of the trash can
Hi Brian! Hi Sarah! The other one on my account was mom... but this one is me!!! WHOOO! So... this is cool. Now you guys are going to have to set up something cool for my room.
Cool dood! Wish I could prompt you guys to come stand in front of the tree and wave hello!
A CAT!!!
I see you beating up your Brian, Sarah! Ima call the cops!!
Zach Jones
Nice Brian. I see you talking all over and going into the kitchen and your cats. This is Zach saying hi from Vegas, love the idea, I'll try to do something as cool one day.
Any idea where my girlfriend is? lol.
At my house Shaun, using um, my other pc..
Hey, CGV... Whoppers or gtfo.
What the heck does "Live (no cam)" mean?
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