Excellent. I have wanted to do something like this for many years. Now that I know how simple it is I just might do it.

BTW, "Lets" should be "Let's" (contraction for "let us" and "nozel" should be "nozzle." Keep up the good work. The cat videos crack me up.
This actually happened to my friends jeep on accident. The rear windshield wiper got broke and it would squirt back. Gerbiling hilarious thing to do. It's even funny being the car getting sprayed(if you know the person).
Or you could shoot them with a gun.
how uninteresting
Ujala Javaid
ur amazing. i will carry this out once i get a car. Some people need to be taught a lesson.
Um Its a Good Idea but when your taking pictures of how to do it I was more intrigued on why there was a handprint on your car..And why it was so dirty!! Come on Man really..
So your the guy who sprayed me. JERK FACE!
Pretty funny idea. I would never actually use this in reality though. The type of person that will tailgate you is more likely to be the kind of person to get angry and kill you
Or you could stay out of the left lane and let faster traffic pass you.
Just sayin.
lol, Jape...must be common with jeeps. My friend had an older jeep, it also sprayed washer fluid backwards, reached about 5 feet.
if someone is tailing you and you're in the right lane, then by all means use it. If your in the left lane get out of the way. Especially if you're an asian driver. Im sorry you guys just need to figure it out. its embaressing....
Wash your f*cking car dude. Can't believe you even published those photos.
I usually throw my cup of chew spit into the air. There is always a bunch of old dips in the bottom, it makes me laugh. If these tailgaters want to kill me as Ian says he fears, I also have an answer to that, actually 13 of them(they are made of lead). I HATE people that tailgate.
Hey Regen, I'm asian and I know how to move out of the way for faster traffic. Although your experience might be or is the majority of asian drivers, I have to speak up for those of us that know how to drive.
Well, I'll be using this. I happen to drive the speed limit in an old crappy car, in the correct lane, but that doesn't seem to change the fact that I get tailgated. Even if the other 3 lanes are empty....I will be promptly adding this to my own vehicle.
If you are going fast enough, it also works to simply spray your windshield wiper fluid as it goes over the top of your car and onto the car behind you. I imagine it's not nearly as effective as this, but if you have a limited budget it works pretty well!
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