You. Are. AMAZING.

Oh, and FIRST!!1
i did something similar a few months back with an old phone and gammu on the server side, writing the sms directly to the database. didn't know you can receive txt messages with google voice.
mmh... GVoice not avaible in my country... suggestions how to avoid it?!
Gavin Groce
I have it running under windows with PHP5 and Strawberry Perl... the only kicker is I had to put the path to the perl script and // out the var for it... I did not try the audio file yet How did you get yours to flash and change colors? I see it in the perl script but dont follow it at all *sill me*
Gavin Groce
I got this working on windows... why you ask? Because none of my laptops have serial ports and debian removed support for keyspan serial devices... so I had to change a few things like remove the var for the perl script and put the location after the perl command and comment out the setting where it is declared at the top... I am using php5 CLI and Strawberry perl (I had to force the Win32::Serial package to install, so you might try Active State Perl) I did not get the sound file working yet... What I want to know is how to make the messages change color and blink, etc.... I see it in the perl script but dont follow it at all
Gavin Groce
hey how would I pass a message to your script from the command line with
I am trying to use your setup, but the PHP email class is no longer hosted. Do you have a copy of it?
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