Joe Wightman
Hey. I love the idea and am planning to make my own implementation of this. I am hoping I can find all of the parts I need here in the UK. Is there any chance you can share the source for the Basic Stamp as I will admit that I have no idea where to begin with this. Thanks a lot.
wiil my project off this year!!!
Joe Wightman
Has anyone tried to do this with an Arduino Diecimila? If so have you had any luck and also whiich pins do you connect to on the Firecracker?? If anyone has any circuit schematics they could enlighten me with it would be appreciated!!
cool idea but you are probably the weakest cameraman on the planet. all the panning made me sea sick.
I like the idea, but honestly! Flourescent lights in the kitchen? What is this, east Berlin 1986? For someone who wigs out his apt. like this I'd really take care of the basics first
this is a test message.
Plasma, one last question for my project I was hoping you could answer. Regarding the button, I took Clint's advice and just used the circuit from one of the X10 remotes but now I must know what kind of contact block for the switch to purchase. I noticed you had one in your photos under the big red button, and was wondering if that's how you control the on / off with one mechanism, and if so what model contact block I would need for the actuator. I'm thinking momentary 2-position Push-Pull that would close the circuit for the X10-On signal when pressed and close the circuit for the X10-Off when depressed, but would appreciate your advice before risking the $150 on a switch that may not work.
@Mike: If you use the remote then you arnt going to be able to send a different on/off command. Theres usually 2 buttons, one for off, one for on - in other words, a push-pull button wouldnt work. The closest thing you can do without using a micro controller (like a Basic Stamp II) would be to wire a momentary button to one of the 'on' buttons on a remote. Your new button remote will always send the same signal, so its up to your computer and whatever script you make to be able to tell if the 'party' is already running or not. If the party is running, your script will turn it all off, and if its not running, it will start it. Hope that wasnt too confusing
My name's Colby - "Like the Cheese" and I making my own website would it be ok if I had a link on my website to your site? I think that your idea and the fact that you followed through on it all the way is awesome. You can reach me at my email address. My website is

@Colby: Hey Colby, yeah, of course you can link to my site from yours. As a general rule of the internet, ya dont really have to ask if you want to make a page that links to somebody else's website The only time you should make sure your allowed to is if your putting a link of your site onto somebody else's. Sometimes that can be considered rude. Thanks for showing an interest in my project!
Hey could you please send my the code that sends the serial string to the firecracker?
Now all you need is to replace your imaginary friends with real ones.
Rude; I think it's pretty kick Nugget.
The only improvement I can think of would be the addition of a cardboard cutout of Patrick Swayze that slides out from behind your media center. "Hey guys, Patrick Swayze showed up to party!"
Wow...That's crazy...but also very cool. Way too technically advanced for me though!
Hey Plasma, could you possibly email me some of the technical documentation you used (i.e. schematics for the push button module as well as some of the X10 code)? I'd love to try to set one of these up on my own, but I'm not much of a programmer.

david, pleasesend me the video @

Hey Plasma, can you email me some of the technical documentation you used like schematicsics for the push button module as well as the X10 code? I would love to set this up and that would help alot, thanks!!
Most interesting.....
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