jojo... i need one of this!! right now!!
THAT is FREAKIN' AWESOME! Kudos for the idea, and even moreso for following through with it!
@Clint: Not quite... but close. The firecracker is actually attached to the button itself. When I press the button, the firecracker sends a start signal to the X10 wall transceiver, which then sends the signal to the CM11A and starts the party. When I press the button again, it sends a stop signal the same way.
fade off the music with winamp crossfader plugin..... simulate the stop button and thats taken care of.... You get the "nod"!!
So how did you program your firecracker in conjunction with the giant red button? Doesn't that delve into manually configuring baud rate, parity, not to mention how to control which x10 signal is being sent? And how did you program it to use the one button for on / off whereas most x10 controllers use one button for each on and off? If you can add info to your button-making section I'll totally donate some $$ to the project. I have a setup almost twice as expensive as yours now, but without the button it still just doesnt cut it.
@Mike: Yes, the microcontroller basically sends a serial string to the firecracker module. I used some code I found online for that. When I get a chance, I'll post the source for the Basic Stamp on here. I'll email you and the couple others who wanted me to put it up. (If you didnt use your real email address when making that comment, make another comment with a real email so I can send ya something saying I put it up.)
You sir are made of AWESOME and WIN!!!!!

I'm just getting into home automation myself, and this has got to be the coolest idea I've seen so far. My wife is gonna kill me when she finds out what I did with all the Automation stuff I've been buying lol.
I'd like a look at that source! This is such a cool project.
I want to build one of these can I have some help.
@john: What do ya need help with?
You should maket this thing! That would be awesome! Cause at this point I lack the skill and the funds to make this thing...oh well...yeah! You should totally consider marketing this.
I GOT IT! Plasma you are the man. I set mine up a little different but it works the exact same way. My party button is a rocket switch red cap up is on flip it down is off. It sends the CM11A the on. Once it is recived the macro runs.

I just used the firecracker remote's board. when you click on it connects the on switch when you flip off it shorts it off.
Plasma you are a freaking party GOD
i made mine, mine was a little different and had more stuff in it. mine closes 15 blinds all through out my house dims all the light starts three fog machines and loads what is love has three strobe lights and starts a lazer light show and then pulls out my slide out beer table, and then when u hit the button again every thing goes off in three seconds
hi im making a video and i'll send it to whoever wants it.
i'll give u 100$ if u give me the box with the button and chip all together
@David: Hey David, if you make that video, post a link to it in here. I'd definitely want to see that.
@Crazy: It cost me more than that for the parts alone. Its got the $80 Basic Stamp board, the $30 mushroom button, the $13 enclosure, the $8 LED's, the $6 key switch, and the $15 firecracker module. Thats a $150 box that I spent the time drilling, buffing, wiring, soldering, and tweaking. Not to mention the fact about all the coding that I had to work out and get just right to be able to actually interface with that damn firecracker module. The hours of code changes and revisions put the PERSONAL value of this box up near the $300 to $400 level before I would even think about selling it.
You need a captcha on your comments page.

How's the Wife Acceptance Factor on this rig?
@Rocky yea yea, im working on it .... haha... and the WAF is surprisingly pretty high. Since the elements were mostly hidden from view, it didnt invade any territory (Well, except for the toaster, heh)... and the fact that it can easily be turned on and off with the single button makes it all the better.
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