Have you ever thought of trying to make it slightly more complex by adding more party configurations to say, a big blue button? That might increase the effect on those who have seen it before. Not to mention the variations would add some more flavor to the entire thing.
Saw it on news to me on CNN. Good luck. Looks like people have lots of good ideas. Here are mine. Lights on the box when activated, count down sound, shocker on the box for those not knowing how to activate it
Nice Job! I love it when people use their mind and their hands!
Wow this has to be the the most pointless thing i have ever seen..... but also the most brilliant and now i want one hahaha
Leandro Moret
Muito boa essa parada!!! Pena que não vende o pacote!! Kkkkk
Ditch Haddaway soundtrack for 'woodpecker from outer space' for shock nostalgia. Coool gadget I've gotta admit!
Ok i set everything up at my house the same way you did but how do i make my computer listen for the x10 signal so it can run the macro script?
Bum bOY 69eR
where did u get the blind controller?
@Clint: I have a computer running linux (Ubuntu) in the other room. It is running a program called "heyu". Heyu uses an X10 module (The CM11A) that plugs into the serial port of your computer. You can set heyu to start a script when it detects a certain X10 message on your powerline.
@Bum bOY: I got the blinds controller from SmartHome.com (http://www.smarthome.com/3142.html). It looks like theyve raised the price $10 since i bought mine
What education do you have to make things like that?
Ever had guests?
Kaleb Smith
Wow, now all you need is some friends and you'll be TOTALLY SET!
@funnypanda: I dont have any formal education in the sense (aka no engineering degree or crap like that)... im just a maker. Its in my blood. I like to tinker with stuff and tear things apart to see whats in them. People like me are rising on the web more and more. Check out Make magazine for cool projects like this one. (http://makezine.com/)
@Blondeboy and Kaleb: Yes I have friends. Everyone who sees this insists that I dont, but whatever. We always have parties at our place. Anytime people come over theres always a fight about who gets to press it. The emergency party button was made for them to have fun with... and its just a plus that I put it online.
I would like to make my own EPB, and I already have plenty of disco lights and etc. I don't know much about programming or using the x10 software on a computer, so some more information on the Basic Stamp and x10 firecracker.
OMG, that was hillarious, I love it! I am sure we could be solving global warming or something, but somehow this just cracks me up!
That is friggin' awesome! I think everyone should need that
Jude Wiesenfeld
I'm in my fifties (the new forties) and I love the idea! Your girlfriend must marry you after this...parties whenever she likes!
so lemme try this. the cm11a recives the x10 START signal runs the macro which tells the firecracker to send ON. when you push the button again the cm11a recives the stop signal and tells the firecracker to send OFF is that right?
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