Austin Powers OR Glen Quagmire roflol
You say you would like to give a little credit to Zack Anderson. In how far is your project any different than what he already did? Red button, shutting blinds, turning off lights, LED, stroboscope, light show, fog machine, music... Seriously, what's new about your project?

Besides that it is still awesome, just not really that original.
Seriously...please release details, especially on the button. I'm sure I could figure out the X10 part, but a more detailed tutorial on the button would be great!
you should have stripper poles come out of the ceiling as well
I would give my eventual first born son for a button as such.
This is so incredibly awesome, I'm actually considering using my summer bonus to make a setup somewhat like this one, with the exception of hiding the button in the head of a statue or inside and book, for stealth emergency partys.
I enjoyed taking a break from watching porn to see that there is other cool stuff on the world wide web...
I'll give you a $million for your setup. What is your paypal account?
@RichGuy: Ill give it to ya for $1000
i really need the inventor for some good help on how to build this thing!
@john: Hey john... what do ya need help with?
Baron Mykhail
what about a schematic for the basic device?
@Baron: well i didnt do a schematic for it just because its so simple. Its just a Basic Stamp board with one button, two LED's and a piezo speaker. Each one of those is on a different pin on the board.
You should have it fade the music out when you turn off the party.
best invention EVER!
@flip: that has to be the best and most informative comment left so far... thank you for your inspiration, flip
@David: I thought about it, but it actually turned out better to make ti go off instantly. When it goes off all of a sudden, its gives the viewer the experience of an instant change (well, as instant as i could get)...
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