All you need now is a knob so you can turn the party up to 11.
what a kick Nugget idea! your a genius dude. Is the button portable and wireless? that would be a nice feature. another thing i was thinkin was if it is possible to "hide" everything until the moment of impact, from house plants, to top shelf, to cabinets that auto open themselves (somehow?) would love to do this but im renting all over the place one day when im settled, i gotta do this!
I like the idea, aesthetic differences aside. I do notice that it's all a bit slow to start up though. Know any way to speed that up? It just seems to lack the sense of immediacy that I associate with emergencies.
secret stairs
Very nice real world execution of a conceptually funny idea. I agree with Math Campbell though, a disco ball would be great -- I assume there would be issues around how to hide it (without it looking tacky) until activated.
this is like the greatest thing ive ever seen! D
Simply amazing, me and one friend own a pub, and I am right now calling him to tell him this thing.
We might do this in the pub!
If it ever gets to work I'll invite you
Totaly cool. Its a must at partys.
Wow. I don't know what's more stupid. The fact that someone did this - or the fact that all these people think this is cool. Lame.
creamy goodness
Wow. Jim really is gay.
omg, sooo cool!
i just love it! so cool! you never grow tired of "what is love" splendid work! i look forward to see some addons to your epb! or maybe another project!
Yeah good stuff, i wonder if you cold use WiFi-able EIB-TEchnology to control the devices seperately. For instance multiple buttons below the big red.
thierry philippo
thats great never saw that i like it voor my home but can jou get te music from a cd or mp3player let's party
I think I speak for many people here that are excited about this project. What would it take to put together a little tutorial on how this was completed (complete with source code) to help some of us noobs out. Maybe you could make a few bucks back on your project by putting up a donate button. I know I would be willing to throw down a few bucks for the help. What do you say?
Why? For the sweet love of God and all that's sacred and holy! Why, man, why?
please PLEASE post a tutorial follow-up !!
Revenge Lee
Where's the animatronic mannequins and mechanized puppets that emerge from closets/cabinets?
Hmm… falling into the wrong hands, this button could surely be used for evil purposes.
"it's cheesy I know but there ya go" Isn't the whole concept cheesy? That seems to be the point, so I totally agree and say bring on the disco ball!
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