Sick. As. Nuts.

I'm building one. lol
Oh my god, I think you live in the same complex as my wife and I. Are you in Santa Ana?
[]D [] []V[] []D
Jon Ward
seriously, you should post all the info you can so people can copy this. make this an open source project, especially seeing as how you don't wanna make money from it. this is the ultimate party setup!
Umm... You don't know where you got the idea from? Try rewatching Austin Powers.
Some kids at MIT did this already, long before you did. It's pretty neat, I would talk to them about it, theirs was cheaper and features a touch screen instead of a red button.
Purely awesome. You should box it up, and sell it.
An open source project for this would be awesome. I can see a nice lil community coming from this making improvements and sharing ideas everywhere. And yes, he linked the MIT guys (MIDAS) if you bothered to read the whole thing. (I love their touch screen)
Btw, can you make the comment box bigger so its easier to read?
Really cool! Where have you bought those things you have on the wall over your sofa? To the right and to the left of the painting?
Math Campbell
Looks great!
I'd say you need more disco lights though. Don't get me wrong, it is good, but some coloured lights would really add to the whole effect. Maybe even a disco ball (it's cheesy I know but there ya go) and a coupla more lasers, maybe green. Expensive I know, but the more disco stuff, the more impressive the entire effect.
Maybe you could tie the music into a playlist from iTunes instead of just an mp3; of course, playlist can start with "What is Love?".
Good stuff though, very nice!
Please post the source code and schematics!!!
really neat... i want too...!!!
really neat... i want one too...!!!
you should include a comprehensive tutorial on how to wire the button box... other than that awesome!
Haha, yes, everybody in the neightbourhood should be send am instant message-sms inviting them to the party (they get at least a free beer). How much fun is it when you press the button and within a couple of minutes people start dropping in.
Where did you get the laser? I didn't see it in your price chart. E-Mail me at Thanks!
The sudden stop is hallerious. Kinda a "did that just happen?" moment.
yeah i'd be interested to see some open source stuff here too. this is a GREAT idea that could be adapted to many different situations. i'd love to do something like this at home. i would also like to know where you got the laser too. can you let us know??? GREAT job!!
will the basic stamp 1 project board work for this as well? they are only $15 at
Seriously, that is the best possible song to start a party. I tried to think of something even more ironically amazing.. but I can't. Maybe "Everybody Dance Now"... but no. "What is Love".. the Ultimate party song.
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