@mannn: The laser was bought at Spencer's Gifts... it was $19.99.... its called the fireball.
@Dave: I didnt make this to resell it. I did it for fun. It IS something I did on my own time... if i were to make another identical setup, then yes, of course it would be cheaper. I dont really understand what the problem is.
@Geo Nex: If more people were to want the source, i'd post it (its really not that impressive, heh)
scott davis
i'd love to talk to you about making on of these on contract for a communiyt hobbyst program i run. if intersted, let me know.
Yeah, awesome job, the lights ned to go out faster though and you definatly need some type of siren as soon as you hit that red button, great job!
What a totally worthless device...I love it!
Actually, I can think of other things that this would be cool for too.
That is SOO amazing. I've wanted to do something similar to this but VASTLY different since I was a kid! Bravo!
Hey great invention there! You interested in an interview for a UK newspaper? Please get in touch via email.
I agree, you need one of those air raid sirens to start sounding as soon as the button is pressed!
Do you have diagrams of the circuits online?
only 2 things drop down strip poll and drop out of celing disco ball
This is awsome...

While they are expensive, Leviton makes a "coupler" that you can install in your electric panel that will relay the signal across both phases. It runs of the Leviton DHC code, but is backwards compatible with the X10 systems. This will allow you to control X10 devices on any circuit on any phase- even outside lights if so inclined.
brad s
For the video, you have to have a group of random party people show up like out of the pantry, windows etc. Practically, for the button could activate a mass email "Party Time!"
You really should post the video of you rick rolling shaun!
Man, this was awesome! I really need to do it in my future home. With sirens of course, but I think I'll talk to my neighbours first... hehehe
I need something like this to turn on TV, Music, and Computer at the same time.
That is totally right - id like to agree with gravatar here, im thinking of copying your awesome invention for my student house next year - not really a wiz with electronics so an idiots guide would be great? cheers man
Thats awesome! Definitely give out the code (and a list of where you bought your stuff from for other people-like the shade closer) You got linked on Lifehacker too.
Unreal. You should definitely post the source code, just to say you did -- this is going to be a hit.
sweet ^.^
see if my Industrial Controlled alarm clock gives you any more ideas
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