Great idea! Wheels are turning for how I'd set up my basement "party room" like this right now.
we need to get the rickroll button video up...
dude you should have a warning siren go off while the lights dim and then cut out just as the music kicks in. It would totally complete the "emergency" party motif hahaha. Well done!
You should have just bought a Staples "easy button".
The Staples Easy button is a plastic POS that plays a ultra-low quality sound file. Why would i want one of those?
Absolute genius. Anyone above who suggested the damned "Easy Button" from Staples has completely missed the point. You, sir, have won.
Right on! I was actually thinking of starting a project similar to this one a few weeks back. Do you think you could elaborate your steps on making the button box? I'm not sure how to configure the X-10 to the switch (although I'm testing on a more simple light-switch at the moment)
Rick Astley
dude thats freakin sweat
and invisible plasma tv... :-)
Sweet I have 2 of these buttons + they were FREE!
totally agree with the guy that suggested the siren, it made me remember to that simpson's episode when homer and bart go to the gay factory XD.
also, for a better shocking-effect, i'd make the lights go out instantly, not gradually.
like: 1. close curtains 2. lights suddenly go out 3. the siren sounds as some 80's music starts playing.

definetly need to get one of those buttons...
Reminds me of Quagmire on the Family Guy! BRILLIANT sir!
Kevin Weber
I will pay you, if you can build me the button box and send me a list of everything else i need to buy
lol rly want one but im only 12

I would like if you could tell me which
stores I could buy all the supplise at. I think this was a GREAT idea. I can't wait to set it up in my family room!
Thats sick. Well made!
Really cool but $634 for something you could do yourself in less time?
details on the laser? what is it and where can i find it?
Geo Nex
Very, very awesome. I would be eternally grateful (as would a great many others) if you would post some detailed schematics for the box along with the code you used on the stamp controller. You've come this far to detail the awesomeness of your creation, don't leave us out in the cold! (Plus, this is one of those rare geek pursuits that has my wife's a brother out!)
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