This may be the coolest thing I've ever seen. Can I commission one?
rosina, i guess it's not possible. Nobody reply me. But i'm still ready to buy this thing or just buy consultation of how it can be developed
I HATE YOU (Full of envy)
Hey all you need now are 'friends' that would come to such a wicked party
My friend, you got shafted on that button.
Newark is a great site for buttons, lights, etc
Might this have worked? Its not a push button, but its a turn button.
I have been working on developing one of these based on Arduino. First blog post about it at

I'll post again once I get farther into the project.
pranav arora
hi. i am really looking for somebody to help me get this project done. i will be paying a lot of money. so if its possible please email me at
Guys, i'm looking for somebody to help me get this project done for a long time. i will be paying a lot of money as i said earlier (nick Eugen2k). If you interested in it please email me at
Best regards!
Absolutley loved this- I don't knnow if i'll actually do it but I smiled and chuckled all the way through - you rock!
What is that picture of the cars stacked up and where did you get it?
@Bluesman: Its a one-off oil painting that was bought at auction. Everyone loves it
Lol, this button is sick. I threw some good parties in my times back in my student days but nothing to this complexity lol^^
Can i buy one of these?
You should really think about making a living out of designing and making party buttons and rooms for people. That could really catch on. Just saying.
That was amazing!!!
Totally awesome man...I've done a lot of messing around with cool lighting effects and computer controlled stuff, but the idea of integrating it all with something as simple as a a big red button is genius...I think I'm about to add a similar quick-party button to my setup.
Makes life worth living! Simply amazing button!
Hey I am a 6th grade teacher. This is probably a long shot, but man I loved the party button. I use music and dance every day to motivate my kids. I have always wanted a button that I could push that created an instant party in my room. If you have systems for sale or could provide some information on how I could turn my classroom into a party room I would appreciate your time. Just think an Elementary classroom with a party mode button! Kids would absolutely flip!
Wow, I want to make this in my house! could you make a walk though step by step? If with pictures? I mean you took it to a whole new level. Thats cool dude!
This is EPIC.

What kind of resistors did you use for this build?
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