A more labour-intensive outdoor version of the "party button" concept can be found here: http://www.scenediego.org/results.php?missionid=6
simply genius man, love it, im in the process of setting up my own i was hoping maby i could use ur source code for the basic stamp, cuz ive been looking around on how to write my own and im one confused son of a b*tch lol, let me know my email is userdude3358@live.com, and also just wondering if you have a computer doing a part in any of this like runing a macro after the button is pushed or if its just the firecracker conected to the basic stamp controlling everthing, thanks.

Could you describe the tactile qualities of the button itself? I am interested in making a project that uses a similar style of button, but the one i purchase over the internets had a cheap and plastic feel. I was after a more epic, weighted button.

Thanks, Josh
Great project.
Maybe an idea: you can start the fog machine in the beginning of the cyclus. So the moment when the music starts, the fog machine is heated up.
Just great
confused more
wat button project box did you use and how did u set it up? my email is avitar1782@comcast.net
How do you set up your music to play automatically?
I so have to do this in my university room. I have a huge red mushroom button, but I want to save that for when I get a pace of my own. Meanwhile, I have a smaller red button that's already bolted onto my desk with the words "Emergency PARTY" printed on the panel. (It said "Emergency Stop" but I used a red Sharpie on it.) This is as far as it's gone so far, but I intend to connect the thing to my server at some point and see where it goes from there.
now I'll stay tuned..
I am BLOWN AWAY. I'm building one of these in my house, I seriously don't think I've seen a cooler single object in my entire life. God bless the magic that you've brought into my world, sir. God bless it.
OMG Jay-you definitely have Max genes.
How did you get your x10 modules to communicate with your computer (what software or programming is used) and what was the name of the enclosure used on the button.
this thing is truly epic any suggestions on setting up the actual box (schematic of that board maybe?) I can get the x10 to integrate with my zigbee lighting controls and a few IR flashers and stuff for control but setting up the board is something I don't have any expierence with.
Ma a farti spingere, no vero????
you are awesome
Try and actually wire the button into coffee table so there is no ugly box
I love the Box, the box is needed, don't wire it into the coffee table or noth'n, I don't think that person understands, wonderful!, would be great to have a Giant red Party button in the car on the Dash board(lol but perhaps wired to only work if the engine has been turned off)
Definitively a chind˘gu invention!
Is there anybody who can do the same inventation for me. Or who can consult me how to do it. I will requite you enough. $$
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