Nice rig. I highly recommend using Zilog processors, but that's what I've got the most experience with. Crimzon's are pretty good, being designed specifically for IR remote use. I think I'm going to go with your independent stand idea. Some polycarbonate with blue, in/out fading LED's for edge lighting.


Have fun, and post again with your new setup in the hizouse.

OH, and Sullivan's post about just using the off-the-shelf thing - Sure, you can just rewire an existing X10 remote with a big red button of doom and slap it into an appropriately industrial box, but what if you want to do something different later? the MCU is what gives it flexibility and ultimate customization potential. And you couldn't do the little tone thing ;-)
I'm pretty sure I have the same BetaBrite LED sign as you and I've been looking everywhere for the cable and stuff to connect it with my PC. Do you have a link or name of the place where you got that from? Thanks.
@Mike: I made the cable myself. It was actually pretty easy to make. Costs about $3 in parts - stuff you can get from Radio Shack or some other electronics store. Check out this link: Or just google for 'betabrite cable'
i super sized it i made it with every thing plus a full liqueur bar that comes down from a hidden compartment, a little water foutian connected to a (also hidden) keg, a large bong like chair that revolves into a hidden room ,and on the porch (witch i water proof the bottom) a bubble machine that makes bubbles go every where and fill up the room
a litle more work a lot more results
Dan Lake
Please check out my final year university project for more red button related electronics! Although yours is a lot more fun!
I literally just peed my pants.
I love you!
Okay, now you've beaten Spencer's Gifts at their own game! This extremely creative and fun project just shows what happens when all that cool glowing stuff sold by that wacky store gets automated and connected.
Fernando Colaco
Just blogged about your projects And will try to adapt the blender one to see if it works with my odd cat.
"Why it was done"? There's no need for explanation - being awesome is reason enough! 10000 internets to you, sir! Any plans to post the 'puter code?
I am entertaining boning up on my soldering skills just to see which of my knucklehead friends would push it first.

You are my HERO!!!
cooooll man!
You are a wonderful, wonderful person.
HE HA HA AH EH EHE HEHEHEHE you nut! he he he..
jonatas JB
E muito massa... vlw brow...
Why was it done? Because you can! This why geeks RAWK!!!
i was just wondering what kind of "system" did you use the program the stamp to communicate with the wireless module and to the computer. Im sorry for the annoying question but ive been having email is
hey that is so sick i want to do it but where did u get the x10 Modules and the firecracker email me at
Could you start a type of exchange program??? I cannot find this stuff.
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