I'd seriously pay like $50 for the schematics on the box (or atleast some more detailed instructions) and the source code. seriously though I would. Email:
Can you tell me if there is a premade Button Box that will do the same effect or if there are instructions on what you did for the Button Box.
f*ck yeah. This is really awesome. But I was surfing for a porn button ... bye!
The big red button is an "E-Stop" button. Check commercial stores where electricians buy their parts, circuit breakers etc. (Look for the beat up pick up trucks and pickups. A big box store won't have them) Ask for an OEM discount and tell the guy behind the counter what you're doing and you might get it.
Yes, you can look for an E-Stop button, but when you do, make sure its not the kind that is push off-pull on. In other words, you want a momentary push button. Regular e-stop buttons will stay in the position you put them.
Thanks Plasma! I bet you get a ton of people offering you $ for your device, which is kind of silly of the person asking, becuase the device wouldn't be good without the entire setup.
Charles Sullivan
I'm surprised you put all that time and money into building the button box when the X-10 KR15A "Big Red Emergency Button" (around $5 to $10 on eBay) in conjunction with software like Heyu can accomplish the same thing, lacking only the LED on the button box.
@Charles Sullivan: Of all the comments left on here criticizing my project, yours is the first one that I'm pretty much going to call you an idiot for. I built my box for the specific purpose of LOOKING GOOD. The mushroom style button is a hundred times better than any plastic thumb-sized button will ever be. And the activation sound when you press it adds to the effect, as well as the status lights. Don't criticize somebody for taking the time to make something better than crappier alternatives. Ever.

Hell, using your logic, I could have just used the regular X10 palmpad remote (pictured below) to turn on the devices. Your missing the entire point. Shock and awe value. Impressiveness. Admiration of dedication. If you're going to do it, do it right.
Charles Sullivan
Oops, sorry for stepping on your ego. If the "shock and awe" value to you of the LED on the button box is worth the additional $90 for basic stamp and firecracker over using the circuit board of a $5 X10 remote, who am I to argue.
Do you know the model of your BetaBrite LED sign? I wanted to do something similar like interfacing it to a custom program but I don't know if you can send data in real time.
Love love love it, no idea if i am going to be able to do it, but i am sure going to try!
Sir, I applaud you. Your technical knowledge, creativity, and overall badassery combined to make an awesome innovation or at least a sweet application of existing technology. I come up with ideas like this and people look at me like I'm stupid. Keep on creating, listen to the constructive criticism, and brushing off the naysayers.
@Nick: Its just the standard 1024e i believe. And yes, you can send data in real time. It actually accepts variables too. You can put a message on it that references a variable, such as "The current temperature is: $variable". Then you can just update the variable from your computer.
Are you gonna start selling these anytime soon? You could probably get like eigh hundred bucks easy if you offered installation along with the button itself.
Nice work - plus there's not really any limit as to how crazy this could go (assuming unlimited financial resources, and an understandling landlord). Fpr instance, you can get these intellitent disco lights that are normally retracted into the ceiling until activated, then the pop out and start doing stuff, or a light-up kitchen dancefloor!
Very cool, very well done. Don't listen to the idiot with the Palmpad Remote. Some people build it, some just post comments.

Great job!
Wow, this is incredibly awesome. My friend and I are going to build something like this in his room, because we've been inspired by your project. Truly excellent work.

p.s. Charles Sullivan is a tool.
Matty C
That was great. If you ever mod your set up a light show would be great and can easily be controlled by the music.

Also the led sign needs to be cued right after the song start, hah. Oh and an emergency stop party button in the closet because you never know when a party might need to be stopped.
I would love to try to build this for myself at home. If you could send me the could you used that would be awesome.
Man that was so so so cool, I wish I could set that up in my house, although I have no technical knowledge...where could i learn?
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