Great for when you need to make out with the creator's sister.
Freakin sweet dude!
Pricey for me but who the hell cares...that's amazing...if you ever have a house party..please tell me.
That is so dirty.
Whats dirty?
Great write-up! Who rocks the party? You do!
I Want it!
a little queer
I'd like to make out with the creators sister.
fo shiz! one of the coolest things I have ever seen.
What about the price of the Laser and where to find it ?
How many times a week does it get pressed? I think I'd want to beat that friend who would press it EVERY time he came over.
so this is just the pproject cost.. what installation charges.. and i live in india !! yeah so.. lemme kno weither you can outsource this stuff..
Emmanuel R.
(Seen on Make magazine blog) -> made my day. Nice! Totally useless and fun. The button is indeed good looking. The "turn key to turn on" feature makes me think of a nuclear weapon (could be done with two buttons and different secret codes for you and your girlfriend, in order to confirm the launch...). Have great parties. Emmanuel (from France)
Paul Monaco
I was really expecting to get Rick Rolled on this one.
@Terry: We actually do have that friend who would always press it every time he was over. Thats what finally made me put a key lock on it. If you look at the main picture (in the header), you'll notice that there used to be just a switch instead of a lock
that is great!!!. dont think my wife would aprove... but what she doesnt know wont hurt her
now if only there was an "Emergency Clean Up Button"
Now you need it to airdrop in booze and pizza Dharma style and you are all set!
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