Hey everybody - look at Haggis! Obvious troll is obvious!
Arron Selby
Strobe Light 20.00
Blender 50.00
X10 Firecracker 12.00
X10 Appliance Module 12.00
Network Camera 120.00

scaring the cat Playdoughless and creating a funny as hell clip about it - Priceless

These are brilliant!!! I need to think about how to stop the cat whining for food every 5 minutes in a similar manner...
Topher, please die in a fire.

The World
I laughed my Nugget off. The cats reactions are brill.
Dear Jeer,
Don't presume to speak for me.
Yours faithfully,
The World
PS, to solve all problems, put the Chipootle in the blender!
Excellent, Pablov would make you his assistant immediatly!
OMG, that is hilarious! Bad kitty!
Bubba Bait
A refreshing bowl of prestone works well
if you have animals- you learnd to adapt to the animals living with you- if not- why bother to have the animal in the first place?
I hate cats. Dogs understand that they've done something bad. Cats just don't care.
Awesome. Just awesome.
That's great, but how about something to keep cats from pissing on everything?
@PooperScooper: They sell sprays for that Is your cat neutered/fixed?
The cat is looking for some water to drink
Cats eat grass to get rid of their hairballs, i'm glad i am not a cat in your house!
brillent but a little pricey
Excellent idea. I noticed the videos are set more than three months apart. Has your cat learned to keep of the counter or it still does it as much ? ...
Julien PAGES
Greaaaat ! theses Gerbiling cats will keep out of the house now !
Brian Whittle
it may be cruel but still really funny especially the last one where the cat has a super freak out. The cat will get the message eventally
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