AHAHA omg Topher you have issues man. Peopl say something two lines longs and admittedly funny- "All of that stuff: $214
Get rid of the cat: $0.00 " and you have a Noodle fit at them.. lol
Poor kitty! Gonna think twice about jumping on the counters again.
This is serious Gerbiling business.
What can I say, I was in a bad mood. I do have issues, mostly with stupid people. Verbally destroying them...well, makes me feel good. We all have our vices.
I love your videos! I demand more! LOL! I used to live with a very nice and sophisticated tuxedo cat. Love them to death! More Videos! Thanks for all the entertainment!
Thanks Topher!
(Oh, and I'm willing to bet that you had to try a few times to post that message due to my bad-word filter... sorry about that! Its fixed now, haha)
love the idea, not so hardcore as to install the motion sensor... but to all the haters... my cats spazz every time i turn the vacuum on... am I cruel too???
Instead of spending $214. on hardware to SCARE the beejayzus outta the poor cat... why not spend $5 on another potted plant just for the cat's use? Better for the cat and your karma.
@Catlover: Giving him a potted plant to play in would 1) Enforce his idea that potted plants are for playing in, and 2) Not solve my problem. I would still have a mess to clean up every morning. He gets grass to eat when he wants it, but he's not supposed to touch the potted plants.
This is hilarious and is relatively safe for the cat.
It teaches important lessons like:

Imo this setup can save lives. Multiply that by 9's and you have a lot of lives...
For additional enjoyment:
Open up the Party Button Video in another tab for excelent soundtrack/effects for these blender vids!
Brilliant, innovative, and effective... All while offering some (perhaps slightly guilty, even without cause to be) amusement.

I'd call that a win/win, big time. Well done, sir. :-)
$214 i would of got rid of plant
Jay Turner
@Mike, why would he wanna get rid of the cat (damn dog lovers, hate them all)
Actually, I kind of anticipated the bad-word filter because of all the Gerbils and Noodles floating around here. Hence the ***'s.
Haha,Topher, are you new to the internet or something?
Have you ever heard of trolling?
But it`s just so funny to write a few words and get someone like you all riled up, oh noes you wrote a short essay "verbally annihilating" us. lmao
Actually i do think those guys saying get rid of the cat - 0$ are wrong.
You see, if you use the cat as fertilizer for the plant you actually save money in the process, that is the better course of action.

I laughed my A$$ off!! These cats got what they deserve.
phour 20
That is funny, I dont care who you are. Two thumbs up for that one !!!! Is there anyway you would want to share those perl scripts that fire off those x-10 units ????? In case someone would like to do the same.
Black Metal Queen
Hahah this made me laugh
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