I've used the sticky tape method, with good results. Double-sided taped on a piece of cardboard will keep him off. Apparently, he doesn't like the tactile feel of it on his feet. After a few tries, he decides it's not worth it to go there. The cat can go anywhere he wants in the house - except on the kitchen counter and dining table (for obvious reasons).
THE CAT ISN'T THIRSTY. Look at the other videos. you'll see thst the cat loonks at the plant!
In fact, you could make use of the cat's artificially induced aversion to strobe lights in other areas of the house. For example, You could put a detector and strobe combination on the sofa, or bed, or where ever else you don't want the cat to leave hair mats. You could even replace the strobe with a simple red light or random clicking noise, or a recording of yourselves issuing a command. You could eventually get to the point where you can say "boo" and have that cat running for dear life for fear of the dreaded blender noise. B.F. Skinner would be proud.
I once stuck a bunch of toothpicks in my plant soil so my cat would stop digging it up. She outsmarted my by pulling out the toothpicks a playing with them all over my wood floors pricking my feet instead of her paws.
This just in:
For the very first time, we just caught our other cat up on the counter via motion-detecting-video.

It will be up shortly. It's great.
@nick. I do too. I basically let them breed until I have a huge genetic pool to filter--a nice wild tree to prune, if you will. I quickly kill all the cats that don't exhibit any behavior I approve of and make sure that any cats that exhibit desired behavior have more kittens in the next generation. Cats breed pretty quickly, so, I already have several bipedal cats and two that can do linear algebra.
the new cat video is great. man, i have to get back to work. these videos are addictive.
FADE TO BLUE I think you might have a point if this contraption somehow launched the can into the blender and then started up, but fortunately is does not. How in the workd can you relate this to any form of animal cruelty? You might have some other issues not related to any of this that should be addressed. Good luck!
This is almost as funny as the squirrel catapult...
If cats are such a nuisance, wouldn't it be a lot simpler not to keep cats at all?
Tin Soul
More videos, more videos! Please!
@Tin Soul: I can only put them up when my cats jump up there, and to be honest... they are now learning that its not a good idea. Blender Defender Success!
I originally thought you grounded the sink to the appliance and the cats body acted as connector.....Im glad you found a better way
Oh gawd, seriously I laughed my Nugget off, had to watch this like ten times.
When I lived with my dad he would set up upside-down mousetraps all over the kitchen, since the cat knew which cupboard held her cat food and would sneak into it. Unfortunately, we kept the toaster in the same cupboard.
So, early morning finds me half-asleep looking for toast... I open a cupboard and SNAP CRAK mousetrap falls on my head. At least it woke me up.

Also. Cats (particularly gluttonous ones) will eat plants even if they're not sick.. simply to be eating something. It's like people who chew gum, or people who have small snacks all day. You just... feel like eating something.
All of that stuff: $214
Get rid of the cat: $0.00
FTB I think your inner conflict stems from irregularity as a child. Mind you that's just a pat diagnosis based solely on your twisted rebuttals. Your welcome! ...and same to you.
haha - classic.

well done good sir - next please tie a sock around your cat's waist and film it.
Jessica Kennedy
Love the videos! The 10/17 one is too funny!
I thoroughly enjoyed your videos, thank you for taking the time and effort to share them. Your cats are beautiful, and your idea is ingenius. My cat recently decided to try the kitchen counter as a bed, and wouldn't take no for an answer. I sprinkled the countertop with black pepper and left it over night. He hasn't tried to get up there again. This also works for training kitty/dog not to urinate/deficate where s/he shouldn't and keeps him/her from returning to the same spot repeatedly. Harmless and effective!
Mike said:
"All of that stuff: $214
Get rid of the cat: $0.00"
fred said:
"If cats are such a nuisance, wouldn't it be a lot simpler not to keep cats at all?"
Obviously, you negative-minded f***sticks were a financial and/or mental burden to your families, and yet they kept you around.
No, I'm not a cat person; I'm actually not big on pets. I'm not getting defensive. I'm just pointing out the sheer stupidity of you two, and others who said something similar. Obviously - OBVIOUSLY - this person likes his cat enough to keep him around, and to even go to this effort to keep the cat from doing something annoying. But instead of complimenting his/her creative pragmatism, you suggest getting rid of the cat, as if this is a thought that somehow just never occurred to him, as if you are shining the bright beacon of enlightenment on his problem. I can't believe you actually thought that your input would actually bring something to the conversation. So you don't like cats all that much, and getting rid of the cat would be YOUR logical course of action. I suppose it also makes little sense you you that this person probably has (or eventaully will have) a better paying, or at least more fulfilling, job than you have. Intimidated by problem solving? I know, it's tough. But you're going to have to accept that sometimes, other human beings will do things that don't make a lot of sense to you. I know this might be a difficult concept for simple-minded fascists like yourself (who want everyone to think the same, dress the same, and generally just BE the same so that they can "fit in" to your simple little world) to accept, but we humans are each individuals who enjoy DIFFERENT things. Look at the world beyond your own toes for once. Or, if that proves too hard for you, just go ahead and eat sh*t and die.
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