I don't have any friends, actually. I'm pretty lonely, and cats keep me company. I try to reach out to people, but they don't seem to understand me.
If you're going to attack me, why don't you have the guts to identify yourself?
I can't stop beating myself up. Even posting my inner conflict online is a cry for help.
Maybe my comments are too sincere. I shouldn't bother; it seems people appreciate stupid jokes ("I just kill 'em!" OK, Beavis) more than observations.
@EVERYONE Would you all stop bickering and attacking each other? You are all entitled to your own opinions on this project - just like everything else. People are going to have different views and feeling about everything - there is no need to attack anyone for it. But here's an idea: if you don't like it - just click your stumble button and move along...
Being deliberately vague does not make you sound smart. But please tell me about my "inner conflict"
LAST POST: Sorry. I didn't want to bicker. Catty made a point of jabbing me for not appreciating Nick's stupid, 1st-grade joke.
FTB: Sorry, can't stand idly by: pointing out something is a joke isn't much of a jab compared to telling someone "Certainly you own video games and pornography" and that they won't amount to much. I was simply pointing out the obvious, and calling out your negative behavior in a subtle way. I just don't see the point in being mean to people like that, and being so overtly aggressive and off topic.
But being negative in the form of a joke is okay, apparently.
Last post for real this time. Enjoy joking about violence towards animals.
Thanks for this little project Sarah! I have three cats and one of them loves the counters in the kitchen. In fact, he likes to knock things off the counters in the middle of the night. We wake up to all sorts of things on the floor: egg timers, spice jars, towels, even utensils. I'll have to try this out. DISCLAIMER: The boy has a TON of toys and we play with him until he's tired. But for some reason, he still loves to do this.
This reminds me of the trick I used to stop my kitty from peeing on my bed. (We did take her to the vet first and found that there was no illness present...only a "litter preference" for MY BED.)

We covered the bed with cardboard, then scattered several mousetraps UPSIDE DOWN over the cardboard surface. (Right side up would be dangerous!) We spread a bedsheet over the entire bed. When kitty jumped up on the bed, the cardboard jiggled and all the mousetraps jumped SNAPSNAPSNAP! and kitty was out of there!

I salute your ingenuity...Shaking a penny jar, spraying with water, etc. are only a consequence when you are present! So coming up with a solution to the problem when you aren't there is really the only way to extinguish negative behavior.

And haters? My mousetrap solution was my vet's suggestion. Worked like a charm!
It looks like that cat just wants water. Cats try and find the freshest source which is why they get into the sinks and toilets.
Or you could lay some strips of packing tape sticky side up on the counter. Cats hate tape on their paws.
Seriously, last message. I am a complete tool.
I thought it was funnier than heck! Too bad you can't set off the blender and strobe light when the cat falls asleep!!
This is just for Nick. He'll appreciate it. Do not read this "F-T-B-" :
Never pull the kitty's tail,
You can't hurt him much like that.
If you want to hear him wail,
Sock him with a baseball bat!

And I mean that in the nicest way.
Great idea! Now make one to keep bickerers and haters off the internet.
you should set it up so that the strobe goes on a few seconds before the blender. After a while of conditioning, the cat will anticipate the blender after the strobe. Once the cat is conditioned, you could dispense with the blender.
Is there anyway you could give the cat abnesia or maybe get a new plant eating cat every three or four days?
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