Oh and I'm an animal lover too.
To Bonzo and the others: I notice that videos like this always attract the attention of people who for some reason hate cats. Sorry you're so emotionally impotent that you get gratification from the thought of harming a 10-pound animal. Secondly, whoever is criticizing Hannah's spelling and grammar, I'm guessing you've never met someone whose primary language is NOT English. It might take some effort for you to wrap your mind around that. Try learning Vietnamese, you might appreciate multilingual people a little more instead of nitpicking their syntax.
Also, if animal-rights organizations were composed of idiots, they would never have made any impact on policy, such as ending vivisection and passing other animal cruelty laws, being the philosophical minority that they are. (ask my fiance- he's a Yale graduate AND a member of ASPCA). Frankly, I think that animals are not so much like us as we are like them. But what do I know -- you must be a Mensa member to be writing comments like yours.
Finally, being concerned that a garbage disposal would harm a pet is perfectly legitimate. One solution might be to put a really secure drain cover over the opening, so all the animal hears is the noise. It looks to me like the blender thing works fine. You should patent a version of this system if you can. Mishchief deterrent!
Here's an excellent idea. Why not give the cat to someone who actually likes cats, doesn't abuse them, and doesn't laugh when you display your stupid contraption?
I don't think having a device that startles a cat can be considered abuse. It would be abuse if you were to forcibly subject the cat to the noise, but as it is being applied here, it is simply a consequence of something the cat does on its own.
I love cats, and I love what you've done here. "Poor thing" needs to learn to stay off the danged counters!
I think I'm going to go down to Rat Shack and blow $15 on the parts needed to rig a pot to my garbage can.

Mine love the kitchen trash, and I can't always watch them.

Now I'm contemplating strobe light versus acrylic and electrically charged tin foil as a deterrent.
Wow, that's much safer than what I do. I scatter tacks, pins, and old razor blades over any surface I want to keep the cats off... been doing it for 30 years now and raised many many cats with only one foot injury requiring first aid (it healed up fine).
Chris Wankey
Cats on the counter? IT'S MCCAIN'S FAULT!
@Donn (and others against this): We love our cats. We've both grown up around cats all our lives; have never been without one (or three). Plasma & I are both animal lovers. However, I am completely against "parents" (or pet-owners, I consider my cats my children until I have real ones =P ) who think that negative reinforcement for a behavior you want to eliminate is wrong. There is a line between punishment and abuse, I'm well aware, but this does not cross the line. Trust us, we tried just pushing him down when we saw him, or yelling, or various other "human contact" punishments/deterrents. None of them did the trick. Each morning I would come downstairs to a plant completely removed from the soil, and dirt spread all over the kitchen counter and floor. So, a loud noise (which is really no worse than when you yell "GET DOWN!" which can be around to get him off the counter regardless of if we were home or not, was definitely the way to go.

Not to mention - this isn't just your run of the mill cat who does a naughty thing every once in awhile. This is a cat that is worse than in his terrible two's. I have to get him out of trouble MULTIPLE times during the day, and every morning I wake up to a new mess. This morning, the bathroom trashcan was tipped over, and its contents were scattered around the bathroom floor. Usually, the things he does are more annoying than anything else - like right now, he is completely wrapped up and indulged in a loud piece of bubble wrap.

This device is not cruel - I assure you. Making him dislike the consequences of being up on the counter (loud noises) is not cruel.

Not to mention - it does work.
i just kill my cats when they do something i don't like.
Wait, how does Fade to Blue know that Hannah speaks Vietnamese? Is she psychic? Seriously though: I have three cats I am utterly crazy about, and I use positive reinforcement and they definitely know what the word "OFF" means. And yet still, they are constantly on the counters and the dining room table and getting into naughty situations. This is a really clever homemade deterrent for bad behavior when the parents aren't around to tell the cat it is being bad. The whole point is the cat will quickly learn NOT to go on the counter, meaning it wouldn't have prolonged exposure to the deterrent. It's so obvious I can't believe this is even in discussion. Noise is not abuse. If you think it is, does that mean you shelter and protect your cat from the blender, vacuum, garbage disposal, and other loud devices you use on a regular to daily basis? Because it has the same base reaction. When my cats SEE the vacuum they know it's going to be loud, and they know to run. Now his cat will know NOT to go on the counter for the same reason: it's called conditioning.
My Ex-GF has 16 Cats in her house hold man we would need a crap ton of equipment to tame those cats.
The combination of the blender with water and the strobe to add to the attention getting is simply awesome. I have a cat that does the same thing, and it's really annoying. I can't stop laughing at the cat scrambling to fly off the counter as fast as possible. Good job!
Nick -- No one is buying it. Why would you continue to acquire pets if you had to keep disposing of them? More likely you own a gun, or at least you will when you're old enough. Certainly you own video games and pornography. Nothing wrong with that, but it seems like your life won't amount to much more than that with your attitude.
Catty -- for godsakes, you're right. I don't know what language Hannah speaks. It might be Hindi, or Malaysian, or Portuguese. The point is that the most likely explanation for her writing is that she learned English secondarily.

I think this is very funny the first few times, but.... you did know that cats never eat grass unless they are sick? Usually if they have a growing fur-ball they eat grass blades because that's all that will help them vomit. If you don't have a back garden your cat might be desperate for some greenery. If you stress the creature out all the time, you'll probably just make it feel more sick and more desperate - so vicious circle.
A pot of rye grass or any old clump of turf in a tray would probably rescue your plant.
@Cheryl:He doesn't want to eat the plant, per say. He wants to play in the dirt and make a mess. It's a toy to him - not food. We let him out in the front quite often, and he very rarely eats the grass.
Sarah, I think this is really smart. Nick, your joke is funny. And clearly a joke.
Excuse me for not being able to distinguish "Nick" from someone who would kill a cat without hesitating. I saw a guy snap a cat's neck once for making too much noise. There are plenty of people who are sadistic towards small animals and who would have no qualms about making jokes about it.
Whoah, I would not want to hang out with your friends then, FadeToBlue. That is horrible.
Sorry folks, I really have no idea what I'm talking about.
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