Cats are not like dogs when training. Dogs respond to both positive and negative enforcement training. Cats however only respond to positive (because they don't give an eff if you're mad at them). So although this works... it's because it's scared to death. It's not proper training. And I bet you it will become conditioned to it once it realized that nothing bad happens, it's just a loud sound. You should look up how to properly train your cat with positive enforcement.
this is hilarious. i dont see any harm, the cat doesnt get injured, and for the wanna-be psychologist at the top, cats can definitely learn negative reinforcement, im sure if you gave the cat a toy that shocked the cat every time it touched the toy, the cat would eventually learn to not play with that toy...shhhazzammmm
Train Your Cat
hahaha... that's cool...
I would remove the 5 second delay, proper conditioning should rely on a very close time correlation of the behaviour and the stimuli. With a delay your may be training for other behaviour such as walking on the counter top or sniffing the plant, rather than the jumping up which is your real issue. Although without the delay you don't get as good videos.
Cruel? No, just lazy, and a ham-handed attempt for attention based off of trying to cash in on the fact that funny cat videos are still a form of humor thats in vogue. Congratulations, you've wasted 215 bucks and a bunch of time on something a normal and disciplined pet owner can accomplish without any gimmicks. Hope for the sake of society you don't have kids.
The best way to keep cats off the counter is don't let them in!! That being said, we have a cat in the workplace and I hate the hair, the cat prints on the counters and desks, the traces of kitty litter all over where their cat tracks are, and especially the litter box. You walk in the door and the smell hits you in the face. Why would anyone want to clean that??? Their feet are in the litter box kicking the kitty litter over their waste, then they get on the desk or in someones lap. Yuk!! Think of all those germs. It grosses me out!!!!!
Joe Mack
I'm not sure it's cruel, but, I'd never do such a thing to my Dog or Cat. I LIVE with the cat/dog hairs on my clothes and don't at all mind if they climb up on the sing. But, that's just me...
Isn't putting a loaded gun in your face precisely what our law 'enforcement' officers do far too often?

This is more like installing an alarm system that sounds if you try to break in to a business to steal stuff. I haven't heard of any criminal suing a company for the stress they went through as a result of setting off a burglar alarm (but don't look it up, I'm sure some idiot somewhere has tried)....
Very cruel to kitteh! I must go now because someone turned on a blender next to me,
I found setting a sheet of newspaper on top of mousetraps very effective at keeping them off counters and the couch. the paper avoids any injury to the pet, yet makes plenty of noise. I am going to implement this as well - great idea!
Ty Tower
No credit for the creativity of this - Good job . I have been fooling with motion myself and trying to get my camera to record. You may have given me some insight into that . Its a bit different to windows approach using Digiwatch so I've not yet got a handle on it . Technically -well done .
Brendan Robert
Pretty funny videos. Any form of reinforcement, positive or negative, is going to result with success but only if it is very consistent. Because you've automated it, it is extremely consistent. You might want to introduce some climbing spaces that are equally good places to be so your cat can get its climbing fix -- such as a vertical cat tower, warm window seat, etc. If the cat has places it is allowed to perch and is comfortable on, chances are that it will start to leave your stuff alone a little more.
OK, but then how does it make you feel when the cat comes running straight to you for protection?
danielle sprice
okay does any one have any common sense anymore way would you want to do anything like that 2 any animel. if you had a right mind you would agree. honestly they are just animels they don't know what their doing is wrong cause they don't know any better. they are like babies with a bit of a exploring mind their not going to know the differance between whats dangrous and whats not.animels are babies that never grow up. so we have to keep them safe. but also let them rome arouder because they have that freedom and they diserve it.
hello i dont think i can afford the camera at this time but i have a blender can you tell me more in detail how to set this up?

Thank you
I'm always amazed at the inability of animal "rights" activists to think. If these "poor, scared cats" were living in nature (WHERE THEY CAME FROM) they would be getting startled or scared on a daily basis by predators, loud noised, and who knows what all. The world is a nasty place, especially outside civilization. Folks are simply taking advantage of the cats natural instincts to train them to behave. Flight or fight: it's born in them. WHAT has become of common sense?? Sheeeesh.
I agree with MichaelAtOz in that there should not be a 5 second delay if keeping the cat off the counter is the goal.

Those who think this isn't a very effective method to train a cat don't know cats very well. Those who think it is cruel are either na´ve or not seeing the big picture. A cat that knows not to jump on the counter in the long run is going to be a happier cat than the one that doesn't and eats plants on the counter, throws up the plant it ate, owner gets mad, other cats smell throwup and pee on it, etc., etc. Plus who would want their food preparation area to be walked all over by a cat that may have been fresh from the litter box, hmmm?

Combining the strobe with the blender is genius, btw.
This is not cruel! It does not harm the cat and keeps paws fresh from the litter box OFF the countertops where we prepare food. Refusing to train your pet is irresponsible.
Love it. Wish I could buy it as a package.
The people that say it's cruel probably had their own cats declawed... and justified that in someway. Yeah, I cut my friends fingers off, but its alright that he walks all over my food prep spaces with his amputated paws. The amputated paws that have to scratch the gravel over the poops. yeah!
you have to really love an animal to come up with something like this thing. When i talked to people about my cats on the counter the most common response was to shoot them with a water bottle. And they could NOT understand why I hadnt declawed them. maybe maimed feet would have stopped this problem.. People are so stupid sometimes.
randy m
Thanks for the ideas, I love my cats,but we have 2 males that have spray-fests , and nothing is sacred,(the stove top, all the outlets ,MY TOASTER,!!!!.try to get rid of THAT fragrance.
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