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Varjorie let me just say..... no. while yes, an owner should set up a home for a *new* cat or kitten or whatever to make sure they dont harm themselves, disciplining them is also very important. The cat wont break a bone. The cat wont have head trauma. Cats are sturdy creatures that can take some crap. They can jump from a telephone pole to the ground and be perfectly fine. By your way of thinking, "Having a pet requires *you* to set up the home *for* the *pet*. " Then maybe the owner shouldnt have counters to begin with? Just like a person with a dog who gets up on counters, there are certain measures you cant take. one is a motion detecting strobe light with a buzzer. The noise is loud enough to scare a dog off, but cats need more drastic actions since we all know alot of cats just dont give a Gerbil. You want to see cruel? Watch a Peta video or a gassing chamber in a Japanese pound- you wont ever say anything about this video being cruel ever again.
I used tape with the sticky side up... cost little to nothing but the cat instantly got a clue when gettin up on a countertop covered with sticky tape. Problem solved.
Great Idea, To keep rabbits out of my garden, I ran a low power high voltage wire around my garden. Worked great, until my dog decided to urinate on it.
WOW !!! He never approached the garden again.
Where do I get a nom-activated teleporting blender (and lightbulb) as seen in Sarah's comic?
The black cat was the funniest. Our problem is the kitchen table so we keep Clorox wipes out and use them before we use the table for meals. We have a window next to our kitchen table that the cats like to look out of so they perch themselves at the end of the table. They are indoor cats (for safety and health reasons) so I hate to begrudge them the "lookout". It's no trouble for us to clean the table. You have a great idea there but I agree with others who cautioned you about forgetting the blender during the night. ;D
This is the best thing I've ever seen. I hate my boyfriends cat's on the counters I'm always having to punish him and nothing is working I've had to start putting him in his kennel when we leave cause he keeps getting on the counters no matter what I do. I have to try this!!
Your innerself
Skinned loose wire fed with a small capacitor work awesome!
I have a cat who will eat kitchen rags (even if they've never touched food) and can open cupboards and will eat garbage. Stick tape did not work. Cans with pennies did not work. Scaring the living bejesus out of him with a "random" blender worked wonders! Thank you for the idea!
This is the best/funniest thing I have seen in my life.
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@Janai:"I hate my boyfriends cat's on the counters I'm always having to punish him and nothing is working I've had to start putting him in his kennel when we leave..."

Janai, you might find punishing the cat works better. But then again, I don't know your boyfriend so you may have a point.
many comments abit sadistic?
Cats need to eat grass--get some and put it where its ok for them to be.
Over-eating: cats need low-carb wet food, not dry kibble which leads to kidney disease later on. Think species-appropriate diet. Cut down on carbs, the vomiting will stop and the litter box won't stink. If your cats is chronically vomiting, something is wrong.
John Dimo
Love it! I did the same thing to keep my cats off the counters. I have a background in electronics so I built my own self contained custom device for like $30. Works wonders! Check it out on my blog.
johnb_is_a_Nugget Hat
@johnb: You're the worst kind of grammar nazi - the kind that makes several grammatical errors when complaining about other people's grammar. If you're going to criticize somebody for making a mistake, it would behoove you to make doubly sure that you, yourself, don't make any. Jackass. I count at least eleven in your moronic comment.
There have officially been 1,000,000 hits to the Blender Defender! wow!
Jenn, mother of Lucifer
I'm so impressed and ready to battle my infuriating feline child! I've tried yelling, slamming, nothing works until I get up and stomp over to the kitchen. He just looks at me with defiance as he licks the olive oil bottle. Look out my angel cat, I have a blender! Thanks for sharing and making me laugh my butt off. Lucifer is in for a surprise! Game on!
thanks for the inspiration, I implemented this with a DSC-920, FC12, and zoneminder. Only difference i used was a food processor, as a lot of newer blenders don't have mechanical on/off switches - they mostly use soft buttons. My 20 y/o cuisinart foodprocessor works great! it also ways like 10lbs, so there's no way it'll knock over.
I have been planning on setting up X10 in my new place and am interested in this project. Countertops are the only thing my 3 cats get yelled at for and it has been continual for years. I am wondering if it is possible to leave this set up but disable it when there is a human in the kitchen. For instance, could another camera determine there is a larger "animal" in the room and disable the process temporarily?
@Jason: Theres a few ways of doing this. What we did was use our little X10 keychain remote to 'arm' and 'disarm' the system. (Admittedly I did this after I wrote this page, so theres not really any mention of it in here)

The keychain remote was the best scenario for my usage, but to answer your question, yes, you could use another camera or motion detector somewhere else to detect people. In my opinion, it would be a little wastefull of a camera, but whatever works

Another, easier, way of handing it would be to set everything up on a timer. Assuming you have a set schedule that you leave the house (work, school, etc), then you could just have the system automatically turn on and off.
We need self-contained, battery-operated model to keep cats off of our car at night.
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