You people that think this is cruel obviously have never been tormented by a disobedient animal. Or you don't mind being submissive to one. Either way, you're retarded and Plasma2002 is awesome.
May I be the first to say that, vajorie, you have no idea what you're talking about. The cat won't hate the OP, nor will the cat even know the OP set it up. The cat has no idea what a blender is or that it was rigged to scare it. All it knows is that it was jumping up on the counter and a loud noise went off. And then it stopped when it ran away. Wash, rinse, repeat. Classical conditioning at it's finest.

And your comment that one needs to setup their house for their pet? So, you own cats? Is your house one big sandbox then? You have vermin running around for it to chase? Sounds like you should be evicted Yes, a ridiculous comment to counter your equally ridiculous one.

"what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."
Wish I had one. The spray water bottle just isn't getting thru to my cats! I thought it was ingenious and hysterical and I own three cats. It's just conditioning.
cats are dumb
I am wondering if this really works if you have a place that you post new videos....are you constantly changing cats or are the same cats just not learning to stay off of the counter?
Barry O
Thanks for going ahead and providing instructions for the building device ! While it seems to stir a lot of controversy on the subject of how best to discipline and animal without crossing the line into abuse, I'd like everyone to keep in mind that the inventor of the device is quite ingenious in his use of both light and sound.

We have had a similar problem, with our two cats who seem to always jump up on our counter and get into the bread box ( though we have tried shutting it in a myriad of ways). OUR solution was to get both cats together and rape one in front of the other, afterward punching it in the face all while the other cat watches in horror. For us, this seems to have solved the problem completely.
Zetaa B
Okay, one : Yes it was found to be quite humerous. (Send that to A.F.V) and Two: before you declare this as a cruel manner in which to teach a cat or any animal for that matter you need to put into mind that a home is shared by both parties and therefore rules should be set. He does not beat , torture, or throw his animal aside as many frustrated owners may commonly do with their pets. He only did it perhaps once or twice to get the point across. Cat's will most definitly land on their feet and he did this without considering the fact that the cat may have stayed on the counter and let out his nature when it was scared. Also, I am a deep animal activist, having been bitten by animals I attempt to protect and beat by those who wish to harm them. What this man has done is a very logical approach to a matter that could turn sickly for the entire houshold. By observing this man's kitchen alone it is believed he would like to keep it clean and a cat comming in from the elements and climbing upon a counter where thirty minutes later he makes his sandwich is not healthy at all.I do not say this without knowledge as well, cats have strong hearts, and as they grow they attempt dangerous things as training toward life. Sure that may have startled the cat but it did no real harm to either it's heart nor it's stimulus. B.T.W cats are smart enough to be able to give the cold shoulder to whoever did play a prank on it.
Lady GagGag
Google cat carrier if you wanna see cruel
Mind posting the code for the Perl script?
So the readers are going to be surprised to find a problem late at night. You get up, go for a glass of water, and suddenly you are looking for the paper towels so you can start cleaning your own feces off the floor. Then *you* are being conditioned ... to approach your kitchen with apprehension, for fear that you'll accidentally set it off again.

The item you are actually looking for is called "Sticky Tape(tm)". (Seriously, that's the name brand I've used). You put it on the edges of the counter. It sticks to their paws and really annoys the crap out of the cat. You leave it up for a couple of weeks, eventually the cat just gives up trying. Cat never returns to the counter again. Then you take the tape off while the cat isn't nearby. Now your kitchen is totally normal, and your counter is cat-free.

Cost: About $15.

Not as awesome looking in action, but also won't may you wet yourself when you accidentally trigger it. There's something to be said about a training device that doesn't give the owner a heart attack.
Our cat taught itself not to walk on our counters. One day I heard a lot of meowing and jumping around and found the cat on his back licking his paws and spitting like a machine gun. Then I realizes she had walked across our glass top range after the wife had cooked dinner. I could see little paw prints on the glass. She was ok but she NEVER climbed up there again.
The last video is fu***ng GREAT...
I've got two siamese cats... and before adding an opinion about their intelligence, I've also had a pet rock. The pet rock was smarter!!!! The one cat (who used to be the runt of the litter and is now 20 pounds) has a bad habit of placing herself in front of the cat food dish and closing her eyes and gorging. This is of course after nudging her sister out (the 12 pound cat)so that she doesn't get to eat.... and NO I'm not rearranging my lifestyle to 'place another bowl in another area' so the one wimp can eat in peace.... she's doing fine and eats when her sister is away from the dish. We also have the cats on the counter.... but this is the spot where the PIG likes to throw up immediately after she eats. I'm going to use the same principle, but probably test out regular motion detectors instead of optical motion detection. It'll probably involve a small bit of messing with some cardboard and making some barn-doors like you'd use on a studio photography light. If that doesn't work....maybe some well placed muskrat traps would do the job.... I guess it would be harder to jump up on a counter with only three legs in the first place
@Gaitweyman: Howdy! Might I suggest something? We recently adopted a new puppy and he had the same problem of eating way too fast for his own good. I came across this by chance, but while wandering in the pet store, I found something called a "slow-feed bowl". It basically has an irregular shape and has wells in it that the pet has to work at to get the food out of, instead of just inhaling it, heh... Im not going to endorse any specific brand or anything, but just do a Google search for slow feed bowl and you'll see what I mean. They are really great.
I found this on ebay, CK18A X10 4 Piece FireCracker II Home Automation Kit. It comes with software that does, I THINK, the same thing that the Pearl Script you wrote does. Would this work with a Network Camera & Blender the same way?? If it does, it sure would be a big savings, + pretty simple!!
@Merrill: Yes, those are the components that I am using; a firecracker, a transceiver, and an appliance module. It wont be a huge savings from what I spent, since you are still using a blender and a network camera... and you are paying for a 4-piece package, instead of the 3 X10 pieces I am using. If you get your software to handle what you want, then awesome... but the cost break-down listed is for everything. Read the paragraph above it too.
lmao funni but only a dummy would try
I really wanted to build this. Our kitten was on the counter every time we turned our back. Sadly, we dont need it anymore because he got his head stuck in the garbage disposal and suffocated. No joke. Had I built this, I would still have the best cat ever.
Conditioning is just a fact for any pet owner. As much as they are our friends they are also our responsibility. As easy as it is to point fingers at the OP call him cruel, accuse him animal cruelty. No one stoped to think maybe he is trying to protect his furry friends through conditioning, as some house plants are VERY poisonous to animals. Sure he can move the plant, but if the cat intends to eat it, trust me, the cat will move to eat it. Whats worse if someone did this to a child, they would probably think it's ok. The fact is animals and people learn from experience. and the cat probably was not hurt at all, if not a bit scared.
Damm was some crazy sh** hahah lol damm cnt wait 2 do sme krazy stuff like dat hahaha LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!
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