My cats never jump on things they're not allowed to jump on, persistence is the way to stop them doing things, no hitting, kicking or beating needed just a mild push to get and keep them away from the prohibited area whilst keeping firm eye contact and all is solved!
This is the perfect youtube/afv video creator...
Oh man, this is hilarious! I hope we'll be seeing more videos eventually!
Without a doubt, the funniest video I have seen in a long, long time.
i am going to do this only with the sink dispoasl when he gets on the countertop
Christopher Mankey
A few well-placed mousetraps will do just as well, for about $213 less. Go low-tech.
1) Laughed so hard I spit coffee on my keyboard. 2) Way to go - now your cat will NEVER AGAIN make you a Jose Cuervo marguerita...
he should electrify the counter top with one of the joke shockers, and see how the cat FLIES off the counter then. Now the would be interesting to see.
This is cruel and if I didnt know about cats and dogs, why did I get my degree in vetrenarian? This is cruel because if the cat keeps getting on the counter, its nervous system will soon be at too much work, causing the cat to slow down and eventully die. So I would go with a more less frieghning device, what I use to keep my cat off the counter is countertop wipes. The cats nose is so sensetive, that when it smells the smell (I would reccomend citrus or lemon) she will immeideitaly get off the contertop. It does not cause allergies, and the cat is just taking in a smell that it does not like, like we humans dont like the smell of garbage, it is like the cat not liking the smell of fruit! One more thing it does, it keeps your counters clean!
This is awesome, don't listen to the others. Cats love plants and can't control themselves, and there is no reason they shouldn't coexist.
I have a silly question for the people who think this is cruel. How do you think animals handle things in the wild? Counseling? Positive reinforcement? It seems people forget these are animals. Did you know in the U.S. we spend more money on our pets than any other country spends on their children. Stick your heads back in the sand and everything will just work itself out!
Hannah is an idiotttt doo dahhhh doo dahhh! You got your degree in Vetrenarian eh? Learn to spell, you PETA freak...ever notice that the "animal lovers" are always the dumbest people? "fish feel stress" etc etc...morons...
Based on Hannah's crappy grammar, spelling and sentence structure, I find it hard to believe she actually possesses the kind of education necessary to be a veterinarian. She even misspelled the name of her own profession! And the "nervous system will soon be at too much work" (sic) was just too much. I almost snorted coffee out my nose when I read that. Too funny!
A little logic tip for you. The idea of the device is to prevent the cat from returning. One unpleasant experience to reinforce that idea. Animals get that. That way the cat doesn't keep getting on the counter, and his nervous system won't, as you say, "soon be at too much work." (Love the Engrish) As AC1 correctly noted, animals have instincts. Unfortunately you don't, which explains why so many commenters are pointing out your stupidity. You're a fraud.
What you do may overcome your cat with Citrussy smell and go into coma. CATS are allergic to citrus and it can burn their cute, furry paws.

BlenderDefender is AWESOME! My cats would freak out as well.
@Phil um, I think using the disposal could be a bit dangerous; what if the cat freaks out, falls in the sink, and gets its paw or tail down the drain?
Chopped kitty is not the desired result.

The blender is awesome, though.
I wonder how long it is before your cat figures out how to get to the plant...
But Hannah has cleaner counters than all of us!
hannah, regardless whether or not you have a "degree in vetrenarian" ( uh right) does not make you an expert on training techniques. this blenderdefender is awesome! LIke Alligators was saying, its a negitive reinforcement tactic. genius.
Awesome idea, excellent execution. What Hevach said is 500000% true. I don't agree at all with what Joshua said, but I'll give him my lulz for "Degrogadory" ... whatever that is.
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