Also, I got my cats to stop jumping up onto my kitchen counters by laying out a couple strips of tape, sticky side up near the edge. They tried jumping up a couple of times but they don't really do it anymore. The sound they make in the middle of the night after trying it the couple times they did was hilarious!
I haven't laughed this hard for months. The videos are hilarious.
Old Man
Simply to bad you couldn't entice the cat to jump in the blender (minus the cutting blades) . Bet it'd never get near a counter top after the first experience....
YES I dislike cats immensely.
it is funny, but we live with quite a few cats and I imagine the sound in the middle of the night would scare wake us and startle us. Someone should start a web site that has everyones great cat inventions. I'll submit something
It is his cat, his counter, and his house. Oh, and the cat will live. Very Funny!
man this is soooo funny, especially the fat black one at the end!
Wouldn't work on my cat - he's deaf and likes bright lights.
Whoever find this funny is obviously a moron
Totally agree that whoever find this funny is obviously a moron
I think you are a moron
F**K, I seem to have become a moron
WTF is wrong with you people? those stupid things really grinds my gears....
hey Nugget Hole, your cat just wants clean/fresh running water. he would stop doing that if you changed his water dish EVERY DAY or 2x a day, or bought him a water fountain. idiot
Really Marty? You had the vet make your cat sound nice?
Simply hilarious!
All you bleeding hearts need grab a tighter grip on reality. The whole point of having a pet is to torture it.
will it work on ceiling cat? i can't get him to leave me alone at night when i'm having my "me time"
We used to tie our cat's tail to the lawn-mower spark-plug wire. One good pull of the rope and you wouldn't believe how high a kitteh can jump! BTW: You all are morons.
you're gonna make the cat break a few of her bones in one of those panic attacks, or hit her head and risk epilepsy, or just hate your guts (and rightly so) because, instead of putting the plant elsewhere (or finding out what she wants on that counter), you prefer to torture the cat to no end with stimuli that she has no way of understanding. Having a pet requires *you* to set up the home *for* the *pet*.
Haha, this is awesome! Keep up the good work!! Thanks for the notes on how to do it in linux too, sounds pretty easy : ).
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