Just a reiteration - I did not spend that much money (listed above) on setting this system up. Im tired of people saying I'm foolish to do so. Maybe if they would READ, they would see that I specifically said the price reflects how much somebody else would have to spend to replicate this setup. Of course im not going to spend hundreds of dollars to do this. I already had the equipment
My dog has gotten at least 10 loaves of bread, cake mixes, fruits, vegetables, and the like off of the counter..."Where have you been all of my life!"
One wonders what you already had the surveillance cameras and motion detectors for.
I have re-typed this 5 times because my cat keeps lying on my numpad.
People it is not cruel. Whoever said that cats will learn to not do it when you are around is true, this is the only way to teach them, and funny too. I wish I could find a way to keep my one cat from playfully chasing the other one around. I just squirt her with water.
So what if your kitty climbs up on the sink...kitties love their water fresh from the tap. You're unnecessarily terrorizing your poor kitty. Can't you put your dang plant on top of the fridge or sumthin'?
Your right cats do not belong on the kitchen counter. For those without an already existing bunch of elaborate equipment this same thing minus the video can be created with a motion sensor from a motion activated light (you can get one at your local hardware) hook it up to an outlet and plug in the strobe and the blender. The cat is getting nothing more than a little startel less invasive then those dog shock colars. not cruel at all.
This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! We have a kitten who is on the counter/table CONSTANTLY! We have seriously tried everything, but he still goes up there. And the only reason he does it is to mooch for food (which he gets enough of at meal times). I just may have to try something like this... just to see what would happen... although, I have a pretty good idea, hahaha!
James Clayton
Awesome. How do you stop it going off every time you walk into your kitchen? Or do you just have to remember to turn it off?
and your system really wouldn't need the expensive camera anyway...
kudos to your creative and tinkering talents
good post - 'poor kitty' people remember: you prep food on your counters, and kitty walks in litterboxes!
this is sooo funny i could use this on my cat!
I think it's funny to see the cats fly off the counter. It doesn't hurt them...
Can this be used to train kids? Someone could make a mint.
That's Great! This gave me some insight on how to protect my trucks parked in a fenced area. I'd like to electrify the fence given motion.
Why is scaring cats so funny? I have just had my cat euphonised at the vets. Obviously this video upset me deeply although the flashy lights were cool and you scaring the bejeezers out of your cat was so Gerbiling funny.
Marty how can you be upset about scaring a cat after you've turned yours into a euphonium. My can had to be euthanised not long ago and I think it's in very bad taste to recycle beloved pets as brass instruments(at least a violin would be traditional)
Wouldn't it be cheaper/simpler/more humane to just move the plant,or get rid of it all together? Or give the cat away to a KIND home before it develops some sort of heart condition.
I just want to let you know that I have not laughed at anything this hard in a damn long time! I have a cat that just straight messes with all my stuff. Claws my office chair, lies on my keyboard and various other computers and hardware and so on.
Also.... Even if you did go out and spend $214.00 on the equipment to do this, GREAT!!! I can think of other things I spend cash on and I don't laugh even nearly as hard as I have been for the last half an hour!
Plasma2002 keep up the awesome work! I love it!!!
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