my other cat named socs goes on the counter and eats eny food thats on ther (even rotten then she pukes like hell around the house ) (best thing is,my sister cleans it up)lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
Here's an idea. WHY NOT just move the plant where the cat can't get at it?
Our cat rules the house and we are his SERVANTS. He even made us place the litterbox in the hallway so we have to step over it to go up the stairs.
I love my big MeowMeow, but he thinks he is a Mountain Lion.

He used to be a Devil Cat. he would sneak into our bedroom at night when we were sleeping and dig his claws into our exposed feet!!! That is a terrible way to wake up!!!!

Great Electronics and technology to do that. U must have plenty of surplus money to fabricate such an elaborate mechanism! I would just move the plant.
Someone here actually said you could get a job at gitmo. hahahahhaha you know she/he has about 30 cats
It looks like the cat isn't as scared of it in the second/third videos. The cat nearly flipped fully over in the air in the first video, but the cat just slinked away in the third video...

Pretty cool if you ask me though
Весьма возможно. Иногда так случается.
Seems like the black and white cat is already getting desensitized, you may need to increase the shock and awe voltage soon! Maybe add a vicious sounding barking dog?

Very cool setup and thanks for sharing it.
Cute but I purchased a motion sensor that sits on an air canister (makes a loud noise and sprays a burst of air) for way way less money and its as/more effective.. I strapped it to the top of my bird's cage and my cats each got a blast of air once and never tried again.
OH MY ! so funny !! AHAH ! thank you for the video of your cat !
We have a Jack Russell Terrier that pushes out window screens and escapes that way. He's contained in the back yard with livestock electrical fencing wire and we need to prevent his escape from the windows. Any ideas?
This is a great idea! Hahaha! The cat is not getting desensitied, hes just a lot farther away fromthe blender, next to the camera in that vid. Wow this is a great idea!!
I've seen other similar projects arround; the funiest one is the one thars sprays water every time the cat is near the banned spot. Its a little cruel but after 2 or 3 times the cat never show up again on the banned spot.
SmiLe BaTh
Interesting project, but awful expensive way of training a stupid cat. Love the tech, needs a better implementation. cheers.
I built something along these lines but it cost a bit less. I went to Walmart, picked up a motion detecting flood light ($9.95) and a cheap extension cord ($.99). I then rewired the detector and hooked up a vacumn cleaner to it. I'm currently using this to keep the cats from tearing up a nice area rug in the living room. The vacumn only runs for 8 seconds when they trigger it, but it doesn't get triggered much anymore after only a few weeks of training.
To keep the Jack Russell off the screen. Put the exact electric fence wire across the window (non-charged). If he doesn't respect it. Run a new live wire away from the fence a few feet, then see if he touches the wire across the screen.
Twizzted Texan
Holy Chit! I almost pee'ed myself watching that, but looks like a great way to break them of doing it. Thanks for the idea's...
We have home built doggie door for our dogs...

So one Saturday morning we're in bed and hear our pet goats in the kitchen and living room. At least lima bean size goat poop can be vacuumed up.
This is great. How about hiding the blender behind the plant? That'll make Blackie jump even higher the next time.
This is great. I've read that the "booby-trap" method is the best way to train kittens to respect boundaries, as they don't associate the dissuasion with the trainer. Good work!
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