very tempting, would a heat sensor (from a house alarm) make a cheaper option?? - although I guess you wouldn't have the footage of it working
hey man ur prety cool n Playdough wit dis stuf
What if, say, a human wants to get a glass of water from the sink?
Poopy Pantz
Oooooo! Cheez wiizz!!
Qu'est que tu dire nous allez ala dancer cette weekend? Vous ne pas de tout le problems j'ai avec notre idee pour notre chat, mais le science est facile. Sacrebleu!!
I love it! Ingenius!
Ninfo Mills
funny garry jones is amig btw
Funny stuff!! I did notice however that most of the avatars used here look like copies of the characters in the game Snood.
LOL!!! Smart!
Not so bad,but kill the cat solves everything
Great experiment without endangering the cat but most likely he will stay clear of the counter top which makes my stomach feel better. I like your mind and toys.
puta que pariu
Open The Ocean
Ota Hell !!! I loved.
Very, very cool. I'm sending you my cat.
Now you just have to invent something to clean up the cat poop afterward.
PTSD Kitty
It's Called "Traumatic Conditioning" Your Cat will be suffering from PTSD for some time. I can tell you aren't MARRIED... Nice attempt. You could get a job at GITMO. Put us all down as 'references.' :+
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