it's so funny !! I 'LL DO IT !
I'm from brazil, but i liked so much it !!
I love this idea!! PLEASE, PLEASE put this together as a product for the pet market, make a ton of moiney and save thousands and thousands of cats who would otherwise be beaten, drowned or thrown out but owners less clever than you!!
Why do people think this is cruel? Nature would be much meaner to the cat. Welcome to the real world : life's tough, learn faster, live easier. Excellent work, you should make and patent a cheaper, less-blender-y version of this.
Uh, if you have so many shots of your cat jumping up there, how effective of a technique is it really...?
Good job ! I'm very happy to see .I've the same cat , Blac and white . Fom Brazil.Tks
You need some ping pong balls rolling down inclines and a mousetrap to win the Rube Goldberg award, however.
This is not cruel. Cats learn to associate the counter with noise and lights that are not enjoyable, and stay off. I am looking to do something similar because my cats are on the counter all the time...even when I'm standing right next to it. They get down when I tell them to, but they don't stay down. Maybe doing something like this would teach them once and for all.
muito bom,mas coitado do bichano!!
Cats are like kids folks they just do it anyway when your not looking. They are both smarter than we think!
You should modify the stuff to give the can an electrical SHOCK.
Now THAT would be cool !!!

Odeeeeeio gatos!!! São os animais mais falsos que existe na fauna!!

Look at the black kitty's reflexes (last clip)! It's so Gerbiling fast! The cat hops and squirms in the air almost at the same time the bulb flashes. Fantastic!
Matheus Goularte
poor cats? f***** them
Awesome! Hahahahahahah!!
(poor cats btw)
much effort for a nice result, but here's an easier way: when caught in the act, slap the cat in the neck. Not the butt or anything else. That doesn't hurt, and apparently cats understand that as a means of education.
Now if we could do the same for the neighbor's continuously barking dogs!
meus gatos nunca detonam minhas plantas, eles são super gentis. Achei muito agressivo fazer isso com o gatinho.
Vou reproduzir aqui no Brasil.
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