Oh my god, that was too funny! Thanks for the laugh.
meow. that was funny.
Cats eating plants aren't a sign of digestion aid - cats are carnivores. It's usually an indication of insufficient nutrition in the diet, often caused by eating grocery brand foods. That said, if the cat is playing with it, it's most likely just the smell and texture of the plant that he finds appealing.

I think your deterrent setup is brilliant! What you're doing is a very effective training aid. Some animals are just too smart for basic training.
love this website me and my buddie found it when we were at skool!
awesome - In Perl, are you just writing ascii strings to the COM port for the firecracker?
hope you don't mind, am trying to implement w/slightly diff hw config.
how about buying your cat some salad, if he wants it so much
Josh Santangelo
There are already motion sensitive light switches which turn on a light when someone walks into a room. Couldn't they also turn on a blender? Seems a lot simpler than a camera, a computer, and a strobe. I'd love to rig up something similar for my cat...
This was awesome! Great post!
rob ganly
telling a cat no and trainging at it is one thing, scaring it like that is unnecessary and to be frank, pretty cruel. if you loved your cat properly would you really want to scare and frighten it like that? i don't think so. i dont' think people like you should own cats to be honest.
This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen! Good job!
LOL, that is the awesomest thing I have ever seen!
Great hackage ... true geek cred, my man.
And the the douche up there who thinks you're being cruel ... cracka please! I guess it's cruel to use the vacuum or a slap-chop around your cat too?
Harsha ( Venkataalahari )
Nice Experiment..I love these sort of things..
Love it! Think it could be modified to keep my teen boy out of my fridge?
i love cats so i felt a little sorry for your kitty, but dang, how many times did it take for it to learn? i actually just bought a supersonic anti-barking thing to stop my cat from waking me up at 430am with his this too mean?
Buy a newspaper and smack him hard! That'll do and cost less!
I'd just put the cat in the blender.
Cat training is possible.
This is hilarious and I trained my cat to stay the Gerbil off my keyboard by saying his name real loud followed by relocating him to the bed via the air.. after 30 times.. he caught on. Dumber cats might take longer.
ihate cats
Poor of Gods little creatures that I freakin hate.....they are usless four legged wastes...put them in the blender...
ZOMG Kitties!
@"ihate cats" Yeah and what did your stupid Nugget do to change the world today? You can't even spell "useless" correctly. Get a life, you retarded sociopath.
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