Freddie K
Sorry Jean, no longer.
Did anyone else think that there was some lightning strikes in the blender before they saw the strobe light?
Brilliant! Me likes the last one the best! Blahaha!
when will new ones be available?
That last video (the one where kitty at first runs off in one direction and then does an apparant mid air course - correction) had me laughing so hard I spit coffee all over my computer screen! Thanks for the much needed laugh!
You should submit these to America's Funniest Home Videos! I'm positive you're sitting on a gold mine here!
hahahaha Gerbiling cats
i loved it
The line "The cat may learn that it is bad, but more often than not, the cat learns that it's not supposed to it when your around." is so true. Cats are funny like that. This is great stuff, thanks
Uh, why is the last clip of a different cat? Did the first cat learn not to jump up there before you were done being amused by it?
We have the same problem with our cat, George. This is a great idea. He knows it's wrong when we're there to correct him, but who knows what he does when we're gone......? Thanks for sharing!
You sons of Noodles!Ithink you're the worst and the gayest people at making movies of scaring the living Playdough out of cats.My mom and grandma could do better than that.
The movies were great!
@Arya and @Argetlam: You DO realize that we can tell when the same person comments twice, right?
Pretty funny!! I like the one with the black cat running UNDER the faucet before turning around. Stubborn cats might not go for the green so much if you remember to throw some lettuce at them when making a salad. It took me years of cat ownership to realize that kitty really needs some greens in their diets if they can't go outside. Don't worry, they won't get sick on the lettuce like they do on grass or your plants.
This is how we BALL!!!!
is this cruel? i think so.
I'd like do the same thing to you.
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