Watch out - dont let PETA's kitty harm the environmentalist's plant
My name is STILL on the bottom of this web page
I feel very honored and popular whenever I visit here! Sometimes when I'm sad I come here just to see my name on the bottom of this page and it cheers me right up!
Thank you!
So how many "scares" does it take for the critter to learn not to jump up on the counter top?
To Mary - "AS the mother of many cats, I disagree..." ??? You're kidding, right??? You actually carried cat fetuses in your womb and gave birth to kittens? Was the father....ummm.....wait, forget it, I'd rather not know!
To Stoopy,

You just made my day. I had a good laugh at that!
oooh this is great! my kitty like to sneak up om to the bench and steal knives from the dish rack. weird, yes. something like this might stop her from accidentally cutting herself on a knife-stealing mission. we tried the old "upside-down mousetraps under a towel all over the bench" trick but she thought that was a great game...
Genius...sheer... genius !!!
I do love this. I live in a house with three cats (my wife's cats), and I need a new strategy. Bravo!

I also enjoyed messing with your Christmas tree lights earlier. Very fun. Keep up the good work.
Congratulations. I have lived with dogs since I was a kid, and now I have a cat (accidentally). I have found that its learning speed is much slower than a dog's, and that if the cat brakes the rules just once without punishment, most of the previous learning process goes down the drain. Your vigilant machine will help a lot.
Hey, just wanted to add a personal story to further illustrate why it's GOOD to keep cats off the counter. Im a college student, and last year my roomate and I adopted a beautiful kitten who we named Moth. Moth isn't the brightest kitty on earth, but we love her dearly. When she was a kitten and hadn't quite got the hang of cat personal hygeine yet, my roomate had a lab in one of her classes to take swabs of different parts of the house and then see what kind of ooky bacteria grew from them. Well, guess what bacteria grew from the KITCHEN COUNTER culture? E-Coli. If you dont know what E-coli is, it's a nasty bacteria that is found in POO and causes some not-so-fun gastrointestinal diseases. Not something you want anywhere near where you prepare food. We're pretty sure it got on our counters via Moth's poopy little paws after she had finished romping through her litter box and then deciding to hang out on the kitchen moral of the story it would have been nice to have a blender defender so we didnt have to sterilize everything we owned.
Ok I am a member of Peta and I still this is a great tactic. I love my cats but don't want their poo on my counter top.
Omar Malave
Ohhhh i hate cats, i will do this gadget but more powerfull and harmfull.. thanks for the idea..!
that is such a good idea my cat likes to go into the garbage.. will it work for carbages too?
this is incredible hilarious i should tell my friends that have cats that cant get them to stay off their counter tops of this trick to scare the sh17 outta them discipline sometimes does equal amuzement
Auntie D....
I think this is great! Keep up the awesome work
Hahaha i think you're just doing it for the lols. scaring the Playdough outta cats is priceless. i bet those clips would do great on youtube.
What is the script used to initiate the blender? Do you have a step by step process anywhere that I can access?
makes me want a cat
I visit this site about once a month, and every time I laugh like it's the first time I've seen it! This is pure comedy (and problem solving) genius. Like Dave Letterman says, "There is no 'off' position on the genius switch!"
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