This was obviously photoshopped, what a loser. John Williams I will beat "your" straight Nugget into the 9th grade if I ever see your Nugget in Glupo, Milwaukee. Degrogadory flute kisser.
P.S. John, you're gay. OK?
Heywood Jablome
If you'd just kill the cat, you could have saved yourself $214!! How about making something that impales the cat on the end of a spear or other pointy device?!?!
Thank you for helping convince my friend to switch to Linux.
Yeah great, the cat probably just wanted to go to the toilet in the sink.
So he is effectively training the cat to go behind the couch.
Then the retard will torture the cat there.
Why bother having an Animal if your only going to beat it up?
Small man Syndrome.
You made Gizmodo
The person calling this cruel, retarded, etc knows nothing about cats. The only effective way of training a cat not to do something is to make it uncomfortable or to immediately and consistently frighten it every time it does the undesired action. It's not convenient to put double sided tape on every surface you don't want the cat on, so in most cases, scaring the cat is the only way. Physical punishment only teaches the cat to fear you, not the undesired act. A water bottle only teaches them that no means "Not while I'm looking," the cat will keep getting on the counter when you're not around - just as mentioned above, the cat mostly does this at night when everybody's asleep. If there's any delay between the cat jumping up on the counter and being sprayed, the lesson doesn't connect. Picking the cat up and putting it back on the floor often encourages the behavior as a way to get attention. Noisemakers or water bottles somehow rigged to automatically punish unwanted behavior like entering a certain room or jumping on a counter work wonders - the punishment is immediate every time, and won't teach the cat to fear people.
According to Joshua, who thinks this a cruel way of training your cat, it would be better to take your cat to a therapist where you can all sit and talk about your feelings while listening to a Yanni CD.
I can't stop laughing at the reaction of the cat, crashing into the camera!!!
Thanks for the laugh.
And whoever thought this was cruel, grow up!
Cats don't respond to petting, and childish talk.
For cats, positive reinforcement only works for things they do right. Negative reinforcement only works for things they do wrong. Cats prowl, and their attention is only on what their goal is. No amount of sweet talking is going to keep them from their goal. They are very patient animals, and will just wait for the barrier to their goal leaves (you).

This isn't cruelty. The animal is not being coerced or forced into the situation. It's the animal's own actions that result in it being scared. Eventually, the animal will try less and less, but due to a cat's nature, he'll always try another angle to achieve the goal, no matter how long it takes. Three possibilities remain.

1> The cat figures out he's in no danger and just eats the plants.
2> The cat eventually figures out how to circumvent the camera by moving it and waiting, then eating.
3> The cat never learns and is a never ending supplier of Internet entertainment.

Keep it up! Vigilance!
brilliant. and to joshua... i dont know about you but i dont want anything peeing in my sink. or behind my couch. i dont know what that had to do with anything.
Hey Joe, John William was being ironic. Jesus Christ on a popcicle stick, he didn't deride homosexuality. He said "ur gay." It's a joke. Pick you're battles man.
great done!
i hope this teaches the cat his lesson.
i dont think this is cruelty at all.
and maybe the cat sees this like a challenge,
a suffering.
You are a very sick person.
Dennis C.
Thanks for a great belly laugh. My cat also rules the house. He won't stay off the counter either. And he expects me to be his own personal potty box slave, groomer, snuggler, and food provider. I love him like he's made from a piece of my own heart. But I reserve the right to maximize his entertainment value as a fair exchange for my services to him. Where can I find an XP version of that motion software?
Why don't you buy some plants for the cat to eat as well?
Doesn't the blender wake you up while you're sleeping?
@Bud: I plan on it actually
@Smythe: Nope, we sleep with a fan always on, and the kitchen is far away enough to not be heard from our bedroom. It works out pretty well.
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