absolutely fantastic work. If you could get the camera to record X frames BEFORE and after the motion detection, your videos would be slightly more suspenseful... thanks for the entertainment!
Any chance you would post your scripts? I need to 'train' our cats as well....
cat lvr
omg soo funny the black cat is the funniest!!!
I especially love the webcam integration using motion. Great job!
That is really neat. Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with a deaf and mentally deficient kitty? This is not a joke, she truly is deaf and really slow.
cutie momma
You should come up with a less expensive version and market it to the masses!!!! I NEEEEEED a setup like that! I have 4 cats ages 3-13 and hard headed as all get out.
you're quite an Nugget Hole. teaching isn't terrifying at all. :*
IT sure beats spraying him with water and locking the poor thing up when you are not home I would buy this product if you could mass market somehow.
the black cat is pregnant?
She can abort with the scare.
funnist Playdough i've seen in a long time
Genius! I have GOT to do this to mine now. Damn cat does whatever the heck she wants... "MUAH-HA-HA not anymore!"
This new comment of mine will last only as long as this close-minded individual continues on with censorship. Freedom of speech, freedom of speech. I rescue dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, rabbits and bunnies, birds of all kind, and farmed animals. I was speaking only from experience, and on behalf of all our voiceless friends.
This has to be one of the greatest pet inventions I've seen since the laser mouse. What's funnier than watching your pet make an Nugget of itself? The only thing that made me laugh harder than the videos was reading the comments; and what's funnier than watching a bunch of up tight kitty huggers make an Nugget of themselves in a forum where are largely outnumbered. It's comedic genius! (check my spelling, is my grammar ok? God forbid!)
OH CRAP!! I meant "where 'they' are largely outnumbered. That's it, I can never show my gravatar around these parts again... I can't wait to see how people rip on me and tell me what tard I am LOL!! (sorry if I offended any other tards out there, it was not intended)
I Love the idea, passing it on to my uncle who can't seem to keep his neighbors cats off his front doorstoop. Also, to "theTruth" FAIDS, more commonly known as FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), is a COMPLETELY different disease than FeLV. You are right about both diseases being nontransferable to humans, but they are both incredibly contagious and quite often deadly to other cats. To Plasma and Sarah, I will pass this method, or one similar to it, to my clients at the animal clinic in which I work, who often come to us for that very reason. Thanks for the inspiration!!
Too funny and for all you over board animal rights activists CHILL! What if the plants those kittys are trying to get to could be bad for them? Personally id rather come home to a slightly edgy and confused kitty rather than a dead one.
AS the mother of many cats, I disagree the animals are not and cannot be hurt. The force with which they jump and run can (and has, accidentally) cause them to hurt themselves. I do not believe in hitting, and the water spray is frequently over-done for human enjoyment - I have no problem with using scare tactics, but I throw a newspaper or magazine from "over there" so they have no idea where it came from (I am disassociated from the punishment) - it doesn't have to be a blender to scare them)
Cats are not people. They are are animals we couldnt eat. Thats why their speechless - their animals, not humans. See the difference? I dont think its cool to be cruel to animals, but they need to learn limits and some kind of teaching (aka discipline) has to be in place for that to happen.
That is beautiful. Congrats sir!
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