Thats awsome! LOL Does it really work in the long run?
Wow, what a cool gadget! But for those of us less mechanically inclined, and not able to spend $214, I have another solution that worked pretty well for me. I left 12-inch strips of duct tape along the edges of my counter, sticky side up. After my cat jumped up there twice and freaked out over getting stuck in the tape, she never got up there again. Cost: less than a dollar.
Miss Take
AWESOME!!! I love cats and even tolerate it when they flop down on the computer keyboard, but there are limits.
Ha Ha, Hysterically funny!
This is hilarious! I wish I had the technical expertise to set up something like this and a larger house where I wouldn't hear the blender at night. I'm sure my own cat would give me tons of footage (he's persistent). You've got a couple of georgous cats though I have to admit I got more than a few giggles out of Puma. As it is, I want to thank the folks who suggested things like the SSScat Cat. Because of the persistance I can't use mouse traps because once they go off that's it until they're reset. I tried sticky tape, post-it notes, and tin foil but my cat is a freak and actually likes playing with tape and chewing on foil.
i have many children and we like many health,
yugi moto
I do not have a feline . We have a sweet little schnauzer.

Love you Susabelle.
My last work is not good for me see and read it please(,
AWESOME!!! No you won't ruin your kitty or cause him to have to seek psychological treatment for doing this. I used a small airhorn while hiding where kitty couldn't see me, but this is much better. I have over 30 pets from fuzzies to exotics and have done animal rescue work for a decade. This really is a great solution as cats will only listen when you are around unless you give them another reason to do the right thing. Great job!! and adorable babies too. you make house calls?
loooooooooooooool. XD hilarious, and i doubt that your kittehs will get stressed, as long as they don't try this too much. ^3^
Hahaha, this was so awesome...
WOW THAT IS COOL to bad i dont have a cat...
Poonalong Chrondon
Man I really love this!! You Gerbiling pimp Playdough harder than a giant Sock Puppet!!!
And great lulz were had
For those saying that this is "cruel", do everyone a favor and never have children if you have such a hard time with discipline. I have had cats my entire life and have only had one cat that just does not care how many times yo push him off the counter, yell at him, make loud noises, etc., he will keep doing it. I was impressed with this method because it seems to actually work. I don't want my cats on the counters for numerous health reasons, but also mainly because I don't want them to hurt themselves by possibly stepping on the stove or knocking over heavy or glass objects on my counter tops. Many common houseplants are also poisonous to pets and you should never encourage a cat or dog to graze on them. Just because it is "in the animal's nature" to do a particular act doesn't mean that act should be allowed in one's home.
I'm going to murder the people who keep spamming the comments with advertisements for prescriptions!
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