this is an unbelievably creative way to teach your cats, and damn if it isnt funny as hell to boot! that cracked me up.. I dont have issues with them on my counters though, digging furniture and chewing plastic are the worst things mine do, and would love to find away to keep that from happening..
hardhearted hannah
loved it.
CAT are not the boss of me!
Training any pet is not evil, etc and as with all cats one must use a repetitive action that reinforces the cat that there are limits; and there are many dangerous item on kitchen counters- electrical cords that a card may 'investigate' and learn that Curiosity will kill the cat (and start fires, etc)
I may just do the same thing.
i saw this on attack of the show...
xD great product

for the comment about training husbands... I recommend a kegerator.
Jade's Husband
Is there something like this for training my wife to stay in the kitchen?
DJ tinky winky
cool just
i not lak
Why do you even have the animals then? They shed hair everywhere, you have to clean their filthy litter boxes, they always want to go out etc.. In short, they are a royal pain in the as*.
Too funny. But knowing my cat, she would take revenge somehow. When I was least expecting it.
The deluxe version of this system includes a taser.
30+ years ago I trained my cat very effecively with a weak electric fence charger. I put a plastic bowl of milk with the hot electrode in it with a sheet of aluminum foil under it. It instantly broke my cat of jumping on the counter. And yes, I loved my cat. Better than screaming at it or hitting it, and it was not scared of things, just did not jump on the counter.
A more simple and very cheap some aluminum foil where the cat get to climb...the noise and feel of aluminum freak them out...
The one with the black cat is the funniest. Put it on Youtube!
To orangedragon(and anyone who may actually believe that crap): Maybe you should actually read up on the falsities you are spewing. FAIDS, more commanly known as FeLV(Feline Leukemia Virus) is NOT contagious to humans... it is a species-specific disease that only infects cats. Nor can you get Epstein Barr from cats. There are diseases you can get from cats(just as there are diseases you can get from dogs, birds, and any other animals you may come in contact with). For those interested, and wanting to be educated on the matter, Google cathealth... it should lead you to the Cathealth website(I can't post the link here, this site won't allow me to)... there is a section on such diseases there.
Stupid me... just Googling the term cathealth won't help you find the website, put in cathealth zoonoses. The first site on the list will lead you directly to the page on the site I was refering to.
Hmm... I'm interested. Would you put up a graph of frequency of activation against time? It'll be cool to see the frequency of your cat getting onto the counter decrease over time.
good guest page.
thank you.
Cat Chief of Staff
possible negative side effects:
www dot catswhothrowupgrass dot com slash kill dot html
(is your cat trying to kill you???)
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