Nick O'Connor
that is (evil) and could make me (cry) even if it's funny
Nick O'Connor
i still think it's pretty darn and still might make me cry after reading other peoples comments.
my best freind would cry to.
I love it! Cats are evil!
That's great. Now, if I can only find a technical method of stopping them clawing at the carpet!
Some Guy
I think you should just replace all the plants in your house with Peyote, so if the cat actually gets by the thorns they will start to trip major balls and go on a psychic kitty experience. They would never even get close to that mysterious plant then.
I love my kitties, but I'd be tempted to do something like this, if it was the only way to cure them of a bad habit.
Before I'd do that, I'd try to find a plant they wouldn't molest. Snakeplant? Cactus?
Somehow, I've been able to train my kitties not to walk on the counter by just grabbing them and putting them down. I guess I have been lucky enough to have smarter or more considerate (yeah, right) kitties? I never keep something tempting on the counter, so they don't get positive reinforcement, if they do get up there when I'm not around. As far as I know, they don't do it when I'm not watching.
Margot E.
This is awesome... I hate cats, so I'm totally loving your videos.
I love this idea and yes I have inside cats. I wonder if something similar could be set up outside to stop the next doors cat from urinating on my front door!
this was sooo funny
Cats cause cancer. That's a new one.
I'm so glad that I don't live in constant fear of every little thing that could happen to me. It must be difficult. I heard that other humans can carry viruses as well. Do you avoid all contact with them, too?
Is there a device like this for training husbands?
Is there a way to include a super soaker in this setup?
Cats freaking out unexpectedly is quite funny
Wow! Wish I had the spare money/time to put one together...I've got a cat at home who knows that the one rule in the house is "Don't get on the counters or table," but chooses to disregard that on a regular basis. I'd love to see her subjected to this. Maybe she'd finally figure out it's not a good idea!
I check here today 11/5 and I can't believe that my name is still on the very bottom of this website!!! U R so Cooooool! I'm flattered.
Awesome. I wish my cat would stay off the damn bench. You rock.
Coooool! I love it. Thats what I need for my bad kitty
Cats are NOT evil. They are just very independent, but they need love just alike everyone does. My kitty carries on conversation with me, and meets me at the door when I come home. I'm just tahnkful he has never shown interest in getting on the kitchen cabinets.
Hey, Mohsen, since you have nothing to say, why don't you just stop saying it? We cat lovers understand each other -- how about you?
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