Our cat is stone deaf
I think it is so brilliant I could cry. I've tried everything! Plus I think it will lend some entertainment to my day.
i just laughed until i drooled.
have you considered putting the puss (IN) the blender ,,done and dusted dude..
Man this is freakin awesome!
That made me laugh harder than I have laughed in years! I love it!
pat gerhardt
send to americas funny vidos
Too funny!I almost peed my pant....almost. I love the idea of the sticky contact paper too...just seeing a cat try to get that off its feet would be too much.
Really hate cats, but love the idea
my grandmother had valuable intelligent guidelines for homes and health, "never let a cat in the house, they steal your breath,and never let a cat lick your hands or face" yes grandma was right, their dander and urine cause severe allergic reactions and cause respiratory problems for many people also thier scent and urine carry mold mildew and most people don't know that cats can carry up to nine viruses eight of which are transferrable to humans including Epstein barr,faids[feline Acquired immune deficiency syndrome] numerous fatigue syndromes and viruses shown to cause bells palsy and a links to cancer. Don't take my word for it , look it up, numerous documented medical studies with links to prove these illnesses come from ignorant people who allow cats to live in their homes and kiss and lick them,that old tale that their mouths are cleaner than yours? DO you lick your ass? Thought not. Next time someone quotes that slap them.
Sweet! That's worth the trouble for the hilarious videos alone. I'm curious, though, if you've seen any actual behavior modification? Any decrease in counter incursions?
hopefully, those poor cats didn't sprain anything!! jeez! I hope your super smart self at least tried sticky tape or paper first...seems a whole lot ta trouble and money for your strange entertainment. Different strokes for dif folks.
lol quality
Nice man. Im a dog guy cause they are easier to train. But I think your on to something. The best part is you can move it to any where in the house and you would have you cat trained up in no time. Great work

PS this is not cruel to the cat .. it might be if he was sticking the animal in the blender but thats not the case, If you cant control your pet you dont deserve to have one
Fantastic. I too have a cat who trashes plants with boring regularity. We've gone low-tech and thus only have cactus and herbs in the house. We buy him punnets of cress every now and again. Or lettuce.
My cat is black and white too. Wonder if it's a trait...
very good & fun

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OK; "catch scratch fever" is for real. I don't allow a dog to lick me much less a cat. No doubt some persons have allergies to cats. However if cats are as dangerous as some would have us believe, the human population would have died off long ago. Anyway the videos where hilarious. Cruel? IMO, no. Other than rodent control, entertainment is one other thing cats can be good for.
Thanks orangedragon, that's exactly the information I was looking for when I came here :/ Puma STILL makes me laugh like Smedley the Dog... LMAO
Saw this on Sparkfun, your videos made my day.
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