$214? Let him jump, let him jump, let him jump. (sung to the tune of "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow). Cheez
@Tim: I have the strobe light and blender turn off after 3 seconds, no matter what. That is why you can always see the blender turn off on all the videos.
@doodlehonker: I dont like feline fecal matter on my counters
Wow, I can't believe my name is still on the bottom of this page! That is so AWESOME!!!!!! :0)
Jordan B
You wanna talk about animal cruelty? Iyad Maser in the comments named his cats McCain and Palin. That's just mean.
I laughed pretty good at this one! Brilliant idea but a bit expensive. Devo, you must be one of those new-age hippies or something, because in my and my mother's experience (cats for almost 40 years) they WILL GET THERE if there's even a remote possibility. We've had our Siamese-Oriental get on top of a bookshelf almost 8ft up with only 2 jumps (one to cabinet, one to top of shelf). Cats are Smart, and Strong-Willed. I've seen them do everything from jump up to my shoulders (I'm around 6ft tall) to open doors in one motion and go into our garage with no more effort than an average person. if they think there won't be a problem, they'll do it.
Excellent ingenuity! These videos are simply hilarious. My favorite is the last one, recorded on 10/17, where the cat jumps straight up at the startling development, falls into the sink, runs towards the wall, jumps around the faucet and back out towards the kitchen. Very agile, indeed. I wonder, there is something in your blender, seemingly clear liquid. Water, I presume? Good idea. As you're not home, you don't know how often this might happen and putting something in there could keep the blender from overheating I guess.
For those of us who like this idea but want to keep it cheep and simple. I have used an outside motion detector flood light to trigger the light, blender or Vacuum Cleaner :-). Not quite the fun, but it works.
Cost $15.00 at Home Depot
Or you can just get a spray bottle and spray them with good old H2O when they try to jump up there. It's a lot cheaper. I only had to do it a few times and my cats stay off the counters. However, it doesn't work when you're not there, so if you're gone a lot i can see the necessity in this.
Considering my cat is a strange one and actually LIKES water and will perpetually perpetrate crimes just to get squirted by the water bottle, I LOVE this idea. And it cracked me up! Like Tom, the last is my fav.
Great idea, but why not skip everything but the blender, the motion detector and the unit that would connect it, the blender and the electrical outlet? I don't particularly need to see my cats doing acrobatics, and the sudden loud noise alone would cause them to scatter.
I laughed!
Or you can just, u know, not put a plant on your kitchen surface.

Just an idea.
I LOL'd! That's brilliant! Thanks for the directions. I need to try something similar for my husky.
Or you can just get rid of the furry lizards, and buy a useful pet that's capable of emotion and intelligent thought. (read: dog)
OMG that's funny.
Most excellent use of technology to solve the problem. Watching the videos and reading your site has so many ideas running through my head that now I have to find the time to implement them all. Thanks for the inspiration and the smile!
I did something similar before the open source motion software was available. I basically modified a regular motion sensor so that it could interface with the parallel port on the PC. A little custom program monitors the parallel port and performs custom actions as a result. Cool project though. Wish I would have thought of it.
I "stumbled" across this today. Absolutely funny. I have two cats who jump up on the counter. The kitten(6 months) likes to get up there and sit right by the sink when someone is doing dishes and she plays with the water stream. She doesn't seem to mind getting wet. My favorite video was the last one : )
could of saved some money and just lay contact paper sticky side up
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